View Players with the Inspect Menu

Hey Developers,

Customizing a Roblox avatar is a way for players to express themselves and recognize others. We want to enable players to see the items that make up each unique avatar in a game with them - by inspecting! Meet the Inspect Menu:

As of earlier this week, the Inspect Menu lets players in a game see a list of items that another player is wearing on their avatar on Roblox. From there, players can see an item’s details, try it on, favorite it for later, and even buy it.

This feature is enabled by default. This is not just because we want to encourage social and organic discovery of new Catalog items - it is also a new revenue stream for developers. Like other in-game commissions, the developer of the game earns 10% of each purchase made in the Inspect Menu. If you are the developer of a social-focused game, this feature is a great way to passively monetize.

See the Developer Hub article here for more information about how it works and what you can do with it.

If you do decide this is not a good fit for your game, you can call GuiService:SetInspectMenuEnabled() with a value of false to make the default profile-based Inspect Menu inaccessible.

We hope the Inspect Menu will help users easily find Catalog content that they love. Feel free to leave thoughts and questions below.


The Roblox Team

A few fun facts from the upcoming Developer Hub article…

  • Note that limited items cannot be purchased from the Inspect Menu, as users should be given an opportunity to see all resellers and options before purchasing. Also, animations cannot currently be “tried on” through the menu.
  • By default, the Inspect Menu is accessible via the escape menu, the player list, and the Avatar Context Menu.
  • Call GuiService:SetInspectMenuEnabled() with a value of false to make the default profile-based Inspect Menu inaccessible.
  • Call GuiService:InspectPlayerFromHumanoidDescription() , providing a HumanoidDescription which represents what the player is wearing, along with the unique player name to inspect.
local humanoid = player.Character and player.Character:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")
if humanoid then
	local humanoidDescription = humanoid:GetAppliedDescription()
	GuiService:InspectPlayerFromHumanoidDescription(humanoidDescription, player.Name)
  • The Inspect Menu can also be used to inspect players who aren’t in the current game. This is done through GuiService:InspectPlayerFromUserId() which accepts the UserId of any player.

This is great! So many times I’ve wondered what someone was wearing, had to search their profile up, then click on the item; It was a mess. With this feature, it makes it so much easier.

Also, the ability to disable it is amazing. I’ve seen several feature requests which asked for this purpose.

Furthermore, we still get the commission for the purchase of items. It’s a nice little addition especially for social / trading games.

Update: This can be used with any userId! That’s even better, especially for viewing players in catalog-style games.

Thanks to the Roblox teams that pushed this out!


I like the look of this. I especially appreciate the 10% revenue commission from users who purchase items from the inspect menu.

Also, thank you for adding a disable feature. I doubt I’ll ever use it but it’s great to have for those who may want it as an opt-out feature. :slight_smile:


Please give us a function to open a inspect menu on a player that’s not in the game.


Does it mean that the “Commissions” tab is finally becoming more useful?

Can’t agree with you more @REALTimothy0812 this a great feature that Roblox had made for us user’s. Finally mobile users can view peoples items and buy them while we are in the game! with this nice feature it would be more easier for users…

Thanks for the feature request! Roblox team.

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Why not just go to the website and check their outfit yourself?


It’s like you can see the future - the developer hub article will cover this! But since you asked, you can do this with GuiService:InspectPlayerFromUserId() which accepts the UserId of any player.


Couldn’t you do this using various APIs? If you wanted a custom feature like that, create it. I know several games have done it.

We have the ability to prompt any user id? That’s even better!

So this is enabled by default on every game on the platform with no prior warning, and you have to publish an update to your game to opt out.

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It’s in the Escape menu, I don’t really see what the problem is. What’s your problem with this update?


  • Free commissions
  • User convenience
  • Doesn’t affect normal gameplay

It would be neat if we could add our own button on the inspect menu page for an asset to bind to a function. For example, if a player wants to see the hat in 3D they can click a custom button called “Preview” and it shows it somewhere in the game’s world.


It’s very possible to create your own system to view a specific user’s assets that they’re wearing by using:

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Was this feature needed, or even asked for? Not really, no… Is it good? Oh yes!! A simple way for creators to earn something extra without charging anything, while giving convenience to the players! It feels like the gear commission system, but reworked to solve the issues the gear system had! A fantastic addition!

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That it was enabled by default with no warning.

I don’t have any qualms with the content.

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Being enabled by default is the better behavior. A feature like this is not invasive at all to anyone’s game. The fact they even put in work to let developers disable it seems a little odd to me even, but I guess it’s good the option is there.

If this has somehow ruined/broken your game by being enabled by default, you should explain your case. If that isn’t the case, then I wouldn’t complain about something with no negative ends to it, since it really helps no one.


I don’t think you understand the point of my comment.

I am not complaining about the feature or its comment. It harms nothing. I am not complaining about anything. If you read the post, it says:

This isn’t a complaint. This is a statement. Not about the content of the update, but merely its sudden appearance without warning.

I’m not complaining about anything. As I said before, I have no qualms with the content. It will not affect me or my games in any way.

I will admit, however, that this reply helped some of my concerns:

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Amazing! This is actually pretty useful, I will probably use it quite often! Thank you for this feature :smile:

I’ll most likely not disable, especially since we can get a little profit from it!


This update is great! The extra 10% is nice!

It also appears in the player list when you click a player.


Saw this a few days ago, thought it was wonderful since it’s now easier to look at what a character is wearing that you like.
It’s nice to see how people utilize the Catalog to make their character unique.
If I did see that we earn commissions off of this then why disable it? :heart: