UI elements not appearing in online mobile

Edit: Second repro in new post

This is how the simple GUI looks on PC and in the studio emulator:

But on tablet, it doesn’t appear. It’s in StarterGui and it’s size and position is set with some code in a local script:

local Bar = script.Parent:WaitForChild("Bar")

Bar.SizeConstraint = "RelativeYY"
Bar.Position = UDim2.new(0.01,0,0.82,0)
Bar.Size = UDim2.new(0.135,0,0.8,0)
Bar.UIGridLayout.CellSize = UDim2.new(1,0,0.17,0)
Bar.UIGridLayout.CellPadding = UDim2.new(0,0,0.02,0)
Bar.UIGridLayout.FillDirection = "Vertical"
Bar.UIGridLayout.VerticalAlignment = "Center"
Bar.Visible = true
while true do

According to the outputs it should be right there on the screen, but it ain’t. I have no idea what’s happening, I’ve included the gui as an attachment so you can check for yourself
GUI.rbxmx (5.7 KB)

After not editing my game for a while, I went to test it online to find that this time the main menu was suffering from this issue. Here it is in pc online/in studio/in emulator:

And here’s what it looks like online on mobile on my iPad

This is with all scripts removed from the Ui, in a blank game.
Note that I am using a fast internet connection on an empty baseplate so the images should load immediately. When using this gui in a full game, every other decal and tetxure loads near instantly, but still the main page does not appear.

File: GUIBUG2.rbxl (21.2 KB)

Related, fixes should be shipping to all devices soon UIGridLayout is malfunctioning on iOS


That looks like the issue! Thanks for the link, I almost threw my laptop out the window when it happened a second time, glad to know it will be fixed and I don’t have to take apart my entire UI.

Glad we could save a laptop! I confirmed on latest iOS release this ui appears to work

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That’s a relief! Thanks for the confirmation.

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