UI Shadows 4.2.1 - A lot of Shadows for UI!

UI Shadows - 4.2

This is a powerful tool for developers to improve your UI design.

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What's new in 4.2?

  • 30+ Blur Depths
  • 5 Depth Shapes
  • Live interaction

  • a Center button
  • a Rotate button

  • New interaction

  • 30+ Blur Depth And 5+ New Shapes

    Now you have a huge selection open to you,

    in which you will definitely find yours!

    Live Interaction

    Interact with existing shadows in real time,
    without having to create a new one

    New Contextual Buttons

    New centering and rotation buttons.
    Helps move an object to the center and rotate it

    New Interaction

    We have improved interaction and resolved inconveniences.
    Now the RGB color of the circle in the center is (255, 255, 255).

    You can copy the circle color in one click.
    Class Change System has been updated and improved.

    UI Shadows - 4.2.1

    Minor bugs fixed and some things changed.

    We appreciate you and your time,
    have fun using UI Shadows.


    Absolute lifesaver, added to my plugin collection!

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    Thanks for your feedback! Good luck with your project!

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    Counting the number of pixels
    between nearby UIs.

    New Feature Request

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    to add a particular feature.


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    Would adding a feature like this
    improve your experience with UI Shadows?

    Should we add this feature in the next update?
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    • No, it will bother me

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    Hey there! Is this plugin still available? If so, how much robux are you selling it for? Iā€™m interested in buying. Also, thank you for your contribution to the Roblox dev community!