UI Shadows 4.2.1 - A lot of Shadows for UI!

UI Shadows 4.2.1 is a powerful tool for creating shadows for the user interface, one click and a beautiful interface is ready!

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UI Shadows - 4.2.1

The newest version is 4.2.1, in more posts below.

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About Update 3.8.1

  • New context menu for quickly changing class of UI elements.

Select an element(-s) and press the keyboard shortcut SHIFT + C

  • The script was also completely rewritten, bugs were fixed and minor features were added!

What’s new in the 3.8 update?

  • Now you can create realistic dynamic shadows instead of static ones!
    Simulation - dynamic shadow.

To Add Shadow Press SHIFT + X
& SHIFT + Z To Add Simulation

  • We’ve added an API for Live Simulations.
    It automatically changes all the properties of the simulation and adjusts it to the main element!

  • We’ve updated the Visual Interaction with the UI!
    Now all the buttons are nearby, and the languages ​​are displayed with a flag.

  • Fixed a Bug with a White Theme,
    and Added Notifications.

Try UI Shadows

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in creator store.

A lot of time and effort has been invested into this resource, it is optimized and does not waste unnecessary performance.

By purchasing, you support the author and get a plugin that will receive big updates in the future!

Number of purchases at the moment: 450+.


Keyboard Shortcuts for UI Shadows

Class Changer

Shift + C

It is used to quickly change the UI Сlass
of an element while preserving its properties.

Add Shadow

Shift + X

Quickly Add Shadows without
opening the UI Shadows menu.

Add Simulation

Shift + Z

Quickly Add Simulations without
opening the UI Shadows menu.

Toggle Menu



Using the Backquote key, you can Open and Close
the menu without going to the plugins tab while editing in the studio.



🕔 Expected in Version 4.3

Using a Ruler, you can display the distance between UI Elements in pixels
while you are not moving UI Elements.

When you moving UI Elements, if you press the alt key,
the ruler will disappear until the next move.

Rights to Use

UI Shadows - Rights to Use

Introductory post for UI Shadows clients.

1a. By purchasing or using this plugin, you agree that you will not use the plugin's components or copy its source code.
b. You may not modify the plugin or transfer copies of this plugin in any form.

2a. You have every right to use each shadow for commercial purposes, but you do not have the right to claim credit for the shadow itself. For example you use shadows in your game where you sell in-game currency/items, you can openly use UI Shadows for this. Second example, you sell items containing items from UI Shadows, you can also openly do this, but you are prohibited from selling only the item from UI Shadows, you can use shadows or templates for your item as an addition, and then sell it, sell only shadows or templates are prohibited, because it will not be your creation. (This applies to items from the Creator Store; this rule does not apply to your games). b. Using templates or shadows, you have the right to change and adjust them to suit yourself. You can also combine them together or with your own UIs. By adding such uniqueness, you have the right to sell. c. Imitating the idea of ​​UI Shadows (namely a plugin for creating shadows and UI templates) using UI Shadows elements as the main subjects and idea of ​​your plugin is prohibited.

3a. You are allowed to create any content using UI Shadows that does not violate the Roblox Rules (TOS) or the laws of your country.

Good luck with your development! Thank you for purchasing UI Shadows.


I’ll try it out later! Looks good!


Already bought, there should be an animations tab | I was gonna tell you about the X button being broken for me.


What exactly happened? Please tell me in more detail


I’m trying to click the X button but it’s not working.


Now this button is responsible for closing a tab or tabs (depending on the one you are closing), and motion status has been successfully redesigned and moved to an automated version.

Also, closing and opening can be done using the `Backquote key during editing in the studio.

Old Response

Did you think it was the X button? :slight_smile:

You made a little mistake, this is a motion status icon. What is it for? It sets the type of movement of the plugin, try clicking the mouse wheel button on the plugin and you will see that the status of the movement will change.

Where is it useful? This is useful when moving UI elements, because we all sometimes faced the fact that when moving the UI element, the wrong one was moved that we needed. To move an element using UI Shadows, select any UI element and click the left mouse button on the UI Shadows window, then move the UI element using UI Shadows without unnecessary complications.

Slight issue. I don’t believe this works with GUIS where the Size is in Scale. Only using Offset. And also, when selecting a UI it gets locked to my mouse and moves with my mouse.


Thank you for informing me, I will try to improve the algorithm in the next updates!

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Thanks for your activity, the fix patch for Size has already been released! I also want to note that moving the UI with the mouse is a built-in function that allows you to conveniently move hard-to-reach interface elements.

is there anyway that you could put the shadow into the frame, not outside?


I’m seriously scratching my head and trying to figure out why Roblox does not has this as an official feature, These shadows look amazing and definitely add depth and style to GUI’s.

I approve this resource 10/10


Unfortunately, this is not possible in Roblox Studio, if you put a shadow inside, it will in any case be on top of the object, not from below.

Thanks for the support, VSC!!!

Few, I at least got it for free, also you got a great plugin here

Uuhhhh why did you think that is me? That is my evil twin, not me


@VSCPlays I appreciate you replying so I can see this page up at the top of #resources:community-resources and grab this fantastic plugin without cost. :+1:

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What do you mean?

@yo9sa @xalwaleedx
thanks, really appreciate it

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I often see you in different posts, you also create good resources, I would also like to improve my knowledge skill in Roblox Studio, so I ask you for advice.

Are you talking about plugin development advice or what?

In all. Where do you find so much useful posts/information?

I usually sink into the forums and look through some categories and use them to learn stuff, even looking through the code, I learn stuff there

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