UI SUITE PRO (old Auto-Size GUI PRO)

Hello people!
A couple months ago I officially released Auto-Size Gui, a plugin that allows you to auto scale GUIs, make a cartoon-style shadow to your buttons or frames and a button to roundify corners of GUI Objects, and now is going really good!
I thought it was important to make an update that completely changes user-experience and now it’s much much better!
The icons are more futuristic, added a new free useful images library, just click, search whatever you want and click on it! You can copy the ID and you are free to modify the image however you want!
The name changed, now the plugin is called: UI SUITE PRO and the price changed, it’s not expensive but it helps me a lot to continue this project.
As usual here is the link: click me :slight_smile:

Here are some screenshots



If you have any ideas, feel free to comment them! :wink:
Have a nice day,


I just downloaded this plugin but it’s not working, is it normal or is it a glitch?

Not working? Please precise the bug

im selecting a textbutton and clicking on stuff like “autoshadows” or “settings” but nothing happens.

Strange, try making a frame, scale it in position and size and then try the buttons

Btw if you already had the plugin you must update it

still nothing, i’ll try restarting studio, and no i just downloaded it like 5 minutes ago.

Ok, yes try restarting studio, for me everything works correctly. If the problem persists I will make an update asap, thanks for reporting the problem btw.

Yeah, I just had to restart studio.
This is one of the best helpful plugins (for me) It’s amazing! Totally worth 100 robux.
Good luck in the future! :smiley:

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Ok thank you so much!
In these days I’ll continue updating the plugin, I’ll add many icons to the library.
Have fun making your GUIs!

Community Resources is for FREE releases (afaik)

Actually, you are right, I’ll change the category rn!

Is there a lite version that you could get for cheaper/free?

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At the moment there is no lite version, I’ll make one today or tomorrow, stay tuned!

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:slight_smile: Thank you!! If it’s good enough I might buy the real version!

No problem! If you want a video to see how the plugin works, and maybe consider buying it I’ll make it!

Yes please! :slight_smile:

Seeing the replies above makes me want to buy it but I need a demo of it first

Ok sure! I’ll make one asap!
Thank you.

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Is it almost ready? I’m looking forward to it!

Here is finally the link to the video!
Hope you like it!