UI text flickering when in an occupied server


We have recently released a game, TRS: Super Soccer - when we published the version, we noticed players began to complain about UI flickering. We never had of these issues in testing and we have tried multiple fixes from the devforum, specifically

All About Text - Best Practices
BillboardGui text flickers with RichText and TextScaled

This is seriously affecting our game for mobile users, we have noticed a significant drop in CCU and average play session times.

The user in the video is using the Oppo Find X6 Pro

Expected behavior

In an occupied server, we have managed to every time reproduce constant UI flickering on TextLabels with TextScaled enabled, UIStroke’s enabled and Surface GUI’s

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Pretty sure the UI renderer will start to skip unimportant elements when there’s too much memory being used. For example, if you have a visible textlabel with hundreds of thousands of characters, other UI will dissappear.

Thanks for the report! I filed a ticket in our internal database.


Hi, we recently release a increase on the memory size for text, could you help check it still flickers across devices? Thanks.

mine still flickers… but about once or twice a second

The flickering can often happen when there’s a lot of stress on the device due to the game itself taking up most of the memory, i.e concentrated built up area. Try pointing the camera away from the dense areas whilst on the screengui and then see if it stops

Apologies for the delayed reply, i’ve not been online.

It seems to be a lot better than it was but it’s still happening slightly in some areas of the game. I can provide videos if needed?

Hi, we recently release a new property on SurfaceGui.MaxDistance (see Release Notes for 590 | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub). It could help you optionally turning of drawing of surface gui when it is too far. Do you mind try utilizing this to further discard extra text on surfaces when it is too far?
Videos are helpful too, feel free to dm us.