UIBlox Icons: 1600+ Icons in one place

UIBlox Plugin

Modern simple icons!

Last version: 10.1 August 23, 2023

Version 10.1 is OUT!
Update logs:

  • Added tabs animation
  • Added notifications
  • Changed icon name format for best readability
  • Changed “Text” tab name to “Settings” (for future updates)
  • Added 6 Icons

Version 10 is OUT!
Change log:

  • Fully UI Redesign (Search button, icon list, search box, tabs, topbar, search bar, title)
  • Fully rewrited optimized code!
  • Added scale selector (1x,2x,3x) (before v10 they was 3 times less, now it actually 1600+ icons lol)
  • Added animation to smooth experience (scale selector, hide/show group button, search bar)
  • Changed colors in UI
Update history
  • V9: UI Redesign (Search button, icon list, search box, menu (Icons, Elements buttons)), Some optimizations

  • Non-plugin update: New easier tutorial with new version of plugin!

  • V8: Search button fixed, new plugin icon, tons of new icons, UI Redesign!

  • V7: Bug fix

  • V6: Tons of new and updated icons (doesn’t glitch ur old icons), By alphabet sorting, By group sorting, Better UI

  • Older versions: UI Redesign, bug fixes, more icons

What is it? UIBlox Icons - is a Plugin for insert UIBlox (Roblox UI) Icons.

With UIBlox Plugin you can access and insert 1600+ icons without digging in Roblox files. Simple, beautiful icon style is a UIBlox Icons!

Current icon count: 1653 (+6)

DISCLAIMER: Not official plugin

🧩 Plugin Link 🔗 | 📔 Tutorial 📖 | Old Tutorial
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Report any bugs in comments

There is no need for this. 99% of plugins aren’t made by Roblox and everyone knows this hasn’t been made by Roblox and is generally unnecessary.


I give this plugin a 6/10. I’m not being harsh, the UI is terrible, the icons are alright but why are they being sorted by dimensions??
They should be sorted in Alphabetical order, and there should be filters for the icons as well.

This plugin is hard to navigate and when I can use other plugins like Materical Icons or Feather Icons this plugin just doesn’t deserve a spot on my plugin toolbar at the moment.

A lot of changes are needed for this plugin to improve, and I am looking forward to using a better version of it.

Also, do you have any licensing for these icons? If any are trademarked?


If I’m understanding this correctly, the plugin is supposed to show icons that are in Roblox’s folder?

This plugins description is very vague so it doesn’t really explain anything well, please work on making it less vague OP, otherwise people aren’t going to download if they don’t know what your plugin can do.


I’m improved UI and add sorting by groups and alphabet
It’s made plugin better?


Bumpin’ this topic, this plugin hasn’t been updated for almost a year now. When will V8 come out? Since September 2022, the video record & screenshot icons have been updated, several new icons. New icons are the new Leave icon, the VR icon, the Camera large graphic that was shown when enabling facial animations


They also need to fix search box scaling


Plugin from 2022… but i using it currently in my projects!
Reasons why I can’t update this plugin:

  • Roblox updated application files because roblox updated his app files and it’s doesn’t any lua table with icon rectsize (position). Only icon image sets.
  • I’m lazy

I can fix any nonIcon-associated items, like search box or plugin design.
I hope, update will be before 31st August (bc i have school)


The image spritesheets are now in LuaPackages/Packages/_Index/UIBlox/UIBlox/AppImageAtlas . They are used to be in
LuaPackages/Packages/_Index/UIBlox/UIBlox/App/ImageSet/ImageAtlas until it was relocated sometime in 2023


They are still accessible, just the directory for the image spritesheets is changed


There was lua file with all icons’ imageset, size and position. I don’t want to write every icon parameters manually

Update: nvm, I found icon’s params file. Update will be today or on next day :happy3:


Version 8 is completed! Icons on moderation right now!
Update: V8 is released! Check 1st post for info


Did you update the UI? It’s very hard to look at.


Darker colors, some padding in topbar, group name, icon name


Why you didn’t fix the massive search box bug!!!


Ok, i make another update tomorrow!


Update when? It’s been 3 days and still not released

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New 9th Update!
Change log:

  • UI Redesign (Search button, icon list, search box, menu (Icons, Elements buttons))
  • Some optimizations
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I’m made new tutorial. It better than old one.
Link in main!
Please rate new tutorial

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Found two new icons

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