UICorner [Live]

The Problem is… It dosent show ingame. Only in Studio is that a Bug or something?

Oh, it’s in beta testing, this does mean it hasn’t really been released yet and only works in Studio. Once it releases you’ll be able to actually use it in-game.

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For some reason the beta option for UICorner doesn’t show up for me on my Windows desktop, but it shows up on my MacBook.

Noticed that the Studio version on Windows is the 64 bit version, which is an out of date version; the one on my Mac is up to date however.

Just why? I’ve read it, but really don’t understand this… So the reason why it shouldn’t work…

That is something only Roblox staff can say :slight_smile:

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We are exploring the possibility of drop shadows. While to get a correct version of shadow (simulate projecting the gui to a further plane), we might need some extra verification that this does not affect the performance too much on low-end devices if it is used in a rational manner.


Its a UDim not UDim2. Which only has offset and scale

I love it! I think it should be released as soon as possible. It will be so helpful for all my games!


Wow, this is so helpful!! Thank you so much for adding this! :smile:

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I sure hope that the blurred edges are fixed, else I will have to stick to 9-slice. Would like to see this addressed.

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It was already possible to do this inside studio with a plugin called Roundify, (link: https://www.roblox.com/library/2233768483/Roundify)
Though this would save me some time. This is a great feature and I appreciate you listened to the community (Or you didn’t and decided to add this independently).
Overall, this is a big change. No longer have to rely on plugins now! :smiley:


Amazing update! This will make it much nicer to work with UI instead of using some kind op plugin that doesn’t help that much.
Thanks for this new update om UI’s!


A M A Z I N G! I have been waiting for this for a very long time. Rounded GUIs are the way to go, and for a long time I had been using a plugin to generate them and constantly struggling with parenting and positioning so it matches well with the rest of the GUI. With this, it makes the rounded GUI process much easier, and is also scriptable. Amazing update. Thank you very very much!


Finally! Now I can make things like this without having to watch a 10 minute tutorial:ban hammer


Roundify is nothing compared to this new feature. Roundify doesn’t have nearly as much use as this does.


I’ve noticed that UICorner doesn’t seem to work with SurfaceGuis and I was wondering if this was intentional?



Edit: I’ve realized that having the Lighting.Technology property set to Future causes this problem.


I might see what the problem is… I will do a fix for this.


When do you think this feature will officially be released?


Maybe so.
I was just pointing out it was already possible inside of Roblox, rather than having to use Photoshop.
@Stelrex Put a lot of effort into his plugin and you point out it’s cons. It doesn’t have the same features, but if I’m honest, I’m using Roundify until it’s out of beta.

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