UICorner [Live]

A M A Z I N G! I have been waiting for this for a very long time. Rounded GUIs are the way to go, and for a long time I had been using a plugin to generate them and constantly struggling with parenting and positioning so it matches well with the rest of the GUI. With this, it makes the rounded GUI process much easier, and is also scriptable. Amazing update. Thank you very very much!


Finally! Now I can make things like this without having to watch a 10 minute tutorial:ban hammer


Roundify is nothing compared to this new feature. Roundify doesn’t have nearly as much use as this does.


I’ve noticed that UICorner doesn’t seem to work with SurfaceGuis and I was wondering if this was intentional?



Edit: I’ve realized that having the Lighting.Technology property set to Future causes this problem.


I might see what the problem is… I will do a fix for this.


When do you think this feature will officially be released?


Maybe so.
I was just pointing out it was already possible inside of Roblox, rather than having to use Photoshop.
@Stelrex Put a lot of effort into his plugin and you point out it’s cons. It doesn’t have the same features, but if I’m honest, I’m using Roundify until it’s out of beta.

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expected date to leave the beta version?

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I was working on revamping the UI in my game and 9-slice was so confusing to use that I just ended up using Roundify or making my own images with rounded corners. Now I don’t have to do that anymore since I can just use UICorner now which has saved me so much time and made it so much easier to make rounded corners and even circle shaped buttons.


Uhm, I cannot find this in my beta options. I need some help finding it lol.

Oh I found it! It was hiding somewhere.

File/Beta Features is where I found it

But with this, you can create animations and remember, between 0 and 1 here are ∞ numbers, so you just can‘t export ∞ images to Roblox (remember that roundify uses images, ok? So with this you can create better rounded guis, its better as the roundify plugin. )

This new feature is amazing. I’ve always liked the look of rounded GUIs and only resorted to the Roundify plugin. It’ll be way easier to configure the roundness of GUI objects with this feature.

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I don’t use tweening or animation often, but you do have a point. If I did want to use those I would use the roblox system. But I don’t really, so I’m still sticking with Roundify for now. :sweat_smile:


When I join the game, my buttons and text isn’t roundified, why is that?

UICorner is Studio-only for now, publishing a game with UICorners will just show UI objects without rounded corners. You’ll have to use a plugin for the time being

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Ohhhhhhhh ok thanks for telling me :smiley:

You clearly don’t understand how Roundify works…it uses a single image and can create and size rounded corner.
Not images, image.


Fantastic update. I think evryone has wanted this update especially the scripters.