UICorner [Live]

Feature request:
Allow users to upload and add a corner shape texture. Basically it’s a gray-scale 1:1 texture that’s placed in the corners. It’d be great to add this option so we can have more than just round corners.

(And before people suggest 9-slice, I know it exists and how to use it, but you can make round corners with 9-Slice too. So why not add some sugar to this feature if we’re getting this as a replacement for 9-slice rounded corners anyways.)

Another addition that could be made is allowing players to specify specific corners to apply this to. Or a combination of corners. You could have a boolean flag for each of the 4 corners. Even better would be combining the two feature requests and allowing us to specify a texture for each corner individually. This would allow us to create very specific and complex UI shapes for our games’ needs.


Finally I no longer need to use ugly decals that would mess up every know and then, or wouldn’t be the right size!

I’m loving this update :smiley:

Yes! Finally! I’ve been waiting for this feature for a long time. Thank you!


You maybe shouldn’t be using UICorners on an ChatGreen frame, since it actually is rounded already, and could look weird.

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Of course, it is Good.
It is a feature that everyone wanted! It helps to make your GUI has more style and better. This feature was requested for a long time.

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I will no longer need to use a plugin, I’ve been waiting years!

Added to a game I’m making and it makes all our GUI’s look cleaner, thanks!

There has already been confirmation that roundify will be updated to fit both 9-Slice and UICorner.
In addition, UICorner is much more expensive to render than 9-Slice.

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Using UICorner on an already-rounded image creates a “diamond effect,” depending on how the roundness was made (9-slice vs stretch)

When will UICorner be fully released so that the UIs we create from it can be finally seen in-game?


When this feature will be released?
Can’t wait!!

It’s not fully released but you can still use it!

Note: Sorry If You Knew That Already :rofl:

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Would like to note that the most popular rounding plugin, Roundify, simply achieved this effect by using 9-slice and preset images, which was awesome but ultimately very limiting due to min/max pixel restraints and no proper scaling for rounded objects. This is a brand new feature for (almost) all UI objects with additional scaling support–so it isn’t just Roblox catching up this time around!


Cool! I also hope in the future you guys will add rounded corners, so the UI and GUI can actually look nicer and modern for futuristic-oriented games. :grinning:

Yes, it completely is Roblox just catching up.

Besides Roundly, there are quite a few other plugins that round images. Certain ones of these work by creating a default rounded frame, and clipping descendants, meaning that everything this update does was possible before.

In addition to these plugins, looking up ‘round image corners online’ brings up tons of websites. It is not that hard to upload an image, and select a number. So yeah, this is just Roblox catching up.

Sorry for the edit, someone told me that I had mis-formatted the word ‘ROBLOX’ so I changed it.


Wow Thank the gods of Roblox Dev Team! Keep these small updates coming our way my goodness how long i was hoping for them to implement this the next thing we need is a plugin maker built in to the studio :stuck_out_tongue: that would be awesome!

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I think the edges around the rounded frames look a bit “fuzzy”.


Zoomed in:

Not sure how to describe it, but there’s some aliasing around the edges even though I don’t think there should be since the CornerRadius is set whole number. The inside frame is just 2 pixels smaller in both directions and centered on the parent frame.

For reference, here’s the same frame implemented using 9slice. The edges are clean:


EDIT: Oh, it looks like someone had the same problem: UICorner [Live] - #178 by nezuo


This’ a great update! I’m happy that Roblox makes a lot of good updates this year!

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Very very nice :ok_hand:



now i can spend 30 seconds of my day making a circle button without using slice