UIEDITOR - Completely remade ui editor | disables default editor

Aeroooo UI

What is Aeroooo UI? It’s a complete remake of the default ui editor, and fixes + adds many new features - IT also disables the original ui editor * completely * .


nudge - nudge the ui element, or groups of ui elements using your arrow keys.

rotate - handle based rotation, WITH SCALING

resize - supports rotation, shift for aspect ratio rescaling and control for parallel resizing.

selecting - fixed selection that feels natural and is uptopar with true ui editors.

improved ui - sleek, and much simpler to use, and oh yeah, no obtrusive and ugly elements.

radial menu - press tab to open.





LINK | https://www.roblox.com/library/6473572237/


Looks good at the images, but theres lots of inconsistancy with the name.

In the devforum post title we have UIEDITOR, in the body we have UI PLUS, and on the plugin we have Aeroooo UI

And - looking at this image:

Some text have capital letters at the start, and some not, just makes it look a bit odd.


oops haha i completely forgot that i renamed it !

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This makes thing so much easier but I’m having a problem with when I move the actual ui, the offset thats shown by roblox covers the one you made

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Mind showing me a screenshot please, also try disable and enable it again.

Here are some examples:


ah yeah, just disable and enable it, and lmk if its fixed !

i think it might in be this box, if it is ill need to add a label loll

Oh thank you it’s fixed now. I didn’t know what that enabled and disabled did.

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Looks really cool.

A lot of people would use it for prototyping!
And it also looks better the original roblox interface editor.

As a person who declaratively scripts interfaces, I personally wouldn’t use it.
But, I would love to use it before I knew about declaratively scripting UI.

Overall, good job on this!

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Does this fix the issue that you can’t move GUI objects inside a folder? If so this would be such a lifesaver

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i have not tested it, but i do think so.

I’ve been playing around with this for a bit and its pretty alright, but it’s extremely prone to crashing studio. This might be a me problem, but the UI for the radial menu is also too small to read for my pc. Overall I think it needs some polishing, bug fixing and a bit more practicality.


With Rotation

EDIT: It’s working now. Idk what was wrong.

Nice job! The question is if you want the default UI editor back, do you just disable the plugin or wut?

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theres an enabled disabled ui window that you use!

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Sweet! Thanks for answering my question. Will definitely be using it when making UIs in the studio. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: