UIGradient [LIVE]

As late as I am, for those wondering what use this feature could have, it could drastically decrease the amount of textures and decals uploaded that are simply gradient colours.

People used to upload simple gradien textures to add to icons, or people added the gradient to an icon in an editor however with this features it saves time on having to make a gradient texture beforehand.

Seems simple but I’m sure it will help us especially with saving time reuploading textures due to mistakes on shades of colour etc.

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Is it normal that the feature is now live on Servers? I’ve noticed it yesterday and since my game already had the UI ready for gradient, I’ve just made the change.

Though now I’m worried it ain’t released yet and that it is only temporarily live?

Yeah I noticed the flag got flipped yesterday, maybe they deem it stable enough to push to live games?

I hope it is here to stay. My game is now using those gradients and the UIs would look all white if they happen to un-enable the feature. :smile:

Good God! Thank you! I was about to request this for a feature, Didn’t even realise this post :laughing:

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This feature is live on all servers. Feel free to try publishing with it now.


Thanks for adding it to the engine! This’ll be applied to my new game def.

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Wow! That looks amazing, good job, Roblox!

When will TextBox be included?

I’ve thought of workarounds (displaying TextLabels over the TextBox) but it would be nice to eventually have the TextBox working.

EDIT: I can’t use UIGradients regardless.

Apparently, there’s a limit (with no documentation ofc :roll_eyes:) to how many Keypoints can be in the table that is passed to ColorSequence.new().
I ran some tests, and the limit is 20.

That’s way too low, since it leaves very little control over the UIGradient color for longer objects.

If that limit is removed, it would make UIGradients wayyyy more powerful.

If the limit about performance, then simply document the Big O for the function or something. It’s the developers choice to do things that are intensive. Warn us, and let us make decisions on our own.

You don’t put a limit on how many ViewportFrames I can update per frame, do you?


Love this


UI gradient just looks so good. Wonder what the UI will look like in every game.


Really cool update. Saw it went live so I started messing around with it and created some easy hit effects. It could also be used to show how heavily damaged your character was like in some games by distorting the field of view.

I might try animating them and seeing how it performs in a live game.

Or imagine an animation plays and the character reaches up a pulls down a visor and this tweens onto the screen:

Then you take some damage and:


Really excited for this, I cant wait to add these to all my games! :smiley:

Really great work! I cannot wait to test this out and make better content in the studio. Thank you very much for implementing this feature to Roblox!

We can now create so much more with our UI’s. :happy4:

Prince of Persia styled health bar?

That’s awesome!

It’s actually inspired by Kingdom Hearts III’s UI by the looks of it.

Awesome! I imagine I’ll be using this feature a lot for my UIs. Well done, Roblox!

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Ah - I’ve never played Kingdom Hearts 3. Only played the original For the gameboy.

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That moment when you upload gradients to your game, only to have someone link you this article SECONDS LATER


All this needs is to configure the center, even tough still GOOD UPDATE!

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