UIGradients working on Decals

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to use gradients on parts without using SurfaceGui’s. While this helps with most parts, complicated shaped structures with a SurfaceGui would look flat and do not mold themselves to the part’s surface:

I’m trying to create gradients for faces and other body parts with a complex MeshPart (2.0) where I could use the Transparency and Color gradients for smooth animations of certain features. As UIGradient doesn’t work on Decals…this is limiting my game quite a bit.


I would love to have a feature like this working. This will be quite convenient for different types of customization purposes on the workspace, or for special effects on meshes.


It would be nice instead to have SurfaceGuis stretch across meshes. Decals are functionally deprecated.


I agree that it would be awesome to have more options for creating gradients on parts and meshes, especially for character customization and animation.

I’ve done some research and found that there are some workarounds you can use to achieve the same effect at this point. You can use SurfaceAppearance instead of a decal, it allows you to apply an image to a part surface with more control over texture mapping, rotation, and scale. You can also use NormalMap to create the illusion of depth and shadow on a page. To create a gradient effect, you can use the image editor to create a gradient image and use it as the BaseTexture of the SurfaceAppearance. You can also animate the TextureOffset or TextureRotation properties to change the gradient direction or position in time.

This is something that is 100% needed, sadly Roblox will mostly likely ignore this post and probably not add this.