UIList/GridLayouts should automatically update CanvasSize of ScrollingFrames

If I have a UIList/GridLayout, I can parent elements to the container and the UI constraint will automatically position them for me, but I have to manually update the CanvasSize so the ScrollingFrame grows in size with those elements. It would be nice if UIList/GridLayouts updated CanvasSize automatically.



Perhaps it’d make more sense to have this functionality as a separate set of constraints? UI Constraint: Size parent to children or text bounds extents

I added a new feature which I’ll be running a beta for soon which does this.


This is bit of a bump, but is that feature still being worked on? Or alternatively, is it out? While working tonight I ran into this problem, and it’s still a hindrance to UI development, so an update would be appreciated.

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It’s a planned feature, called AutomaticSize. It was blocked on UI system changes and was schedule for Q2 2019 (so this quarter), but it’s currently slipping from that goal.


Has there been any news pertaining to this? We should be in the final quarter and I was wondering if this was still planned? I am currently doing UI development and while it isn’t ideal I can update the CanvasSize using a localscript, but I feel like this would be a great utility especially for those inept in coding.

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I’m currently actively working on this feature and it’s planned to ship in Q1.

Once this feature ships, you will be able to set the ScrollingFrame’s AutomaticCanvasSize to Y and the canvas size will automatically update based on the size of the contents. We’ll also be looking to set this as the default mode for ScrollingFrames inserted in Studio going forward.

This will work both when a UILayout is active (it will apply similarly to AbsoluteContentSize) and when there isn’t one (it will find the bounding box of the children and use that).


Its been a year and AutomaticCanvasSize still doesn’t resize based on its contents. Am I missing something?

It has not been a year, the beta has been out for less than two months. This is a known issue with the beta if you take a look at the thread.


Oh, my bad. I haven’t seen that post yet and I though that the beta has been out longer than that. Thank you for the reply!

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