UIPageLayout ScrollWheel Input doesn't work properly since today

Reproduction Steps
To reproduce the issue, try to scroll with the mouse wheel over the UIPageLayout in this file: UIPageLayoutRepro.rbxl (32.1 KB).

It can also be reproduced in my game Car Crushers 2 using the topbar in the dealership.

Expected Behavior
Normally the pages would smoothly animate in whatever direction you choose to scroll in, without any friction or lack of responsiveness.

Actual Behavior
Most of the time the the pages won’t move at all, and when they do it often acts unresponsive, unsmooth or unpredictable. It feels somewhat similar the broken touch input animations that I reported about here a while ago: UIPagelayout doesn't animate properly from touch input (Which is also still present as of now)

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-10-12 01:10:00 (+02:00)


I am having the same issue as of very early this morning (around 1:00 AM CDT). The cursor turns into the clickable object cursor (Click Detectors, TextButtons, etc.) when I attempt to scroll on my GUIs built using UIPageLayout.


This continues to have a serious impact, is there any fix planned right now?

We rely on this scroll behaviour for one of our most essential interfaces in Car Crushers 2, and ever since the bug our PC players can barely navigate the way they need to in order to properly play the game. Our UIPageLayout usage is meant to allow quick and simple scrolling between upwards of hundreds of vehicles in a long list. As it stands this is an extremelty frustrating experience for players when scrolling behaviour either doesn’t move at all, or only 10-20% of the speed you used to be able to scroll at.

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Thanks for the info and the report! This should be fixed now, please let me know if this behavior persists.


The issue appears to be fixed on real game servers, but the issue can still be reproduced when starting local servers inside of Studio, as well as using the Play button.


It seems like the same issue has come back to live servers today. It has been working fine since the last fix (In live servers, not studio), but it seems to happen across both now again.


Same happening here! Came to edit my interface, didn’t change any of the elements Active properties or any obviously displayed in front of it, and I’m unable to scroll. If I spam the scroll wheel, maybe only 5% of my scrolls will work, while the rest are ignored.


I can confirm I am also still experiencing this issue, and have received a number of complaints from players due to this.