UiPageLayout not working

  1. What do you want to achieve? Keep it simple and clear!
    I want to achieve a working synced menu.

  2. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible!

https://gyazo.com/b9f155aa80d57331ed1a167f35f148c4 (Switching back and forth between client and server in studio.)

https://prnt.sc/ronxbz (1-5 all have the same structure except the images in them are different.

I’m trying to setup a menu like Sizzleburger
I do a solo play, enter the in studio game, when I look at the guis when im on client side they are doing nothing at all, but when I look at the gui on server side the next page animations are playing.
I’ve tried to change the script to a local script to see if I would be able to see it then, but it didn’t work either. I’ve typed in the command into the command bar to make it go to the next page, it worked, but it doesn’t work when I use a script.

The output : https://prnt.sc/roo0aa

Have you perhaps tried just doing one Gui to help reduce the size of the problem.
It might help if you add prints into the script and slow everything down.

Yes, I went whole new create and made one part, added some different color frames, called the next function in only one line, and nothing of the gui changed on a client side view in studio.

(Server side view): https://prnt.sc/roudi0
(Client side view): https://prnt.sc/roudtm
(The script): https://prnt.sc/roue22

I think you could use a RemoteFunction and create an OnClientEvent.

Then every 5 seconds you could do FireAllClients.

Just so my understanding is correct you are seeing a difference between the two where one has a green square and other has not.
Is the change to the colour being done on the client or server?

He’s wanting to change frames to create a smooth and synchronized update between the menu’s for his Cafe.

Which isn’t happening but I know how Verde does it.

So there are 3 frames, the first one is white, the second one is green, and the third one is like purple.
The :Next() function is being called on the server, then on Server View it did the animation which changed the frame from the white one to the green one. But nothing happens on the client, like when the server changes to the green frame, the client is still on the white colored frame.

I will try that, but I have inserted the code into a local script and still nothing happen.

Let me make it easier for you.

You would need to add this code into the localscript:

local Layout; -- Location of the Layout
local Interval    = 1;

while wait(Interval) do

Hello, I have had the same issue when I realized local scripts do not work in the workspace, unless they are in a player’s character.
[Click here to view local script uses and limitations]

End Result


1: Create a part

2: Create a SurfaceGui in StarterGui

3: Adornee the SurfaceGui to the Part
Here is visual aid

4: Create a UiPagelayout inside the SurfaceGui (add frames or whatever you need)

5: Create a local script in the SurfaceGui

Paste this code and modify it.

local PageLayout = --[[Location here]]--

while wait(3) do



I’m trying to make my page layout scroll horizontally but I will not at often times. Is it a mouse issue or if not how do I fix it.