UK:RP North West Norfolk | Change Log

UK:RP North West Norfolk | Change Log

The post below regards our experiences UK:RP North West Norfolk affiliated with our ROBLOX Group.

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Latest Version | V1.1

:world_map: Map Expansion

Map Changes

  • A new town has spawned on our map titled Brisley, introducing unique and immersive roleplay mechanisms into our experience.
    – HMP Brisley
    – Caravan Parks
    – Camping Sites
    – Council Depot
    – A lake-side ‘park’
    – HMED base and Helipad
    – Housing Estates
    – Specialist Operations Hub
    – Retail Park
    – Gas Stations
    – Royalty Mail,
    – A waterfall…?
    – New roads connecting across the map
    – New off-road tracks for rural vehicles
    – Speed cameras… lots of them?

  • We have not forgotten about our once-so-tiny town Segeford which recently had a makeover.
    – Refurbished Hospital car parks and some exterior design, including helipad and more
    – Off-road ‘nature’ reserves, dirt paths, tracks the lot
    – Updated scenery and a lovely bit of life
    – Ponds, campsites, you name it we have it
    – A little solar farm, updating in the future
    – An industrial area (stay tuned for jobs)

Content Changes

  • Service and job updates
  • Dealers have been implemented all over the map (firearms dealers have gone on vacation to Brisley, and knife dealers too are checking out new areas)
  • Gamepass dealers can be found all over the map (One off-roads, one in Sedgeford)
  • Hunstanton Gas Station has gone on strike! You’ll have to get your fuel/petrol or electric charging from Sedgeford or Brisley!

Bug Fixes

  • The police kit has been modified to fix the double police logos
  • Server crashes have been addressed

Removed Features

  • Removed council base… replacing it with a new one
  • Removed armed kit from Hunstanton police station

Pending Features

  • Pending a Sedgeford police station re-work

Previous Updates


Version | V1.0

:moneybag: Heist Update

  • New Bank System
  • Added Drill and Bank Access Card to Dealer
  • Added David’s Music Store
  • Added a New Government Transport
  • Fixed Ezams & Gxzzos Fish Shop Robbery
  • Fixed RAPT not being able to access Bank