Universal Projects | Information & Regulation

Universal Projects | Information & Regulation

The post below regards our experiences UK:RP North West Norfolk and Blaine County, America affiliated with our ROBLOX Group.

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We understand the importance of creating a safe and enjoyable experience for all players, so we have designed these regulations for the safety and well-being of all users exclusive of their age. We have provided the severity level and examples as guidance, however, the punishments are dependable on the context of the incident.

If you have any additional comments or inquiries, contact us through our communication server or request a moderator in-game.

@Getlazared123 - Lead for the Moderation Team
@Mrbobzila - Assistant for the Moderation Team


  1. [TOS] Roblox Terms of Service
  • As an experience hosted on the ROBLOX Platform, we are regulated by ROBLOX to upkeep their community standards, so any violations will result in removal from engaging with our community.
  1. [NITRP] No Intention to Roleplay
  • As a community dedicated to the upkeep of roleplay standards, we are obligated to remove individuals who have a clear intention to disturb the roleplay presence i.e. violating our standards repeatedly.
  1. [FRP] Failure to Roleplay
  • As a roleplay experience, we take reasonable measures to create an immersive experience for every player, so we discourage users from behaving in unrealistic ways i.e. not announcing appropriate actions for an occurrence.
  1. [RDM] Random Deathmatch
  • As a community dedicated to upkeep user engagement, we restrict individuals from harming or killing other players without proper justification i.e. randomly killing a player.
  1. [VDM] Vehicle Deathmatch
  • As an experience dedicated to upkeep roleplay standards, we prohibit individuals from using vehicles to harm or kill without proper justification i.e. crashing into vehicles without roleplaying.
  1. [URD] Unrealistic Driving
  • As a roleplay experience, we take reasonable measures to establish a realistic environment when it comes to driving, so we monitor the driving standards of our experience and prohibit any unrealistic driving i.e. speeding excessively on residential roads.
  1. [SZ] Safezone Violation
  • As an experience, we understand that individuals can be busy or take time to load into our environment, it is a violation to initiate a roleplay in a designated zone i.e. killing individuals in a safe zone.
  1. [CV] Cooldown Violation
  • As a community dedicated to upholding our roleplay standards, we have established set cooldowns to diversify the roleplay around our experience, and we prohibit any actions that violate our cooldowns i.e. shooting in a firearms cooldown.
  1. [FA] Firearm Violation
  • As an experience dedicated to limiting firearm crime, we have a set regulation indented below that prohibits certain actions from occurring. We actively monitor and punish any violators severely.
    9.1. Using your Firearm for a Unvalid Purpose
    9.2. Using Firearms in a Public or Open Space without Reason
    9.3. Not Roleplaying your Firearm Withdrawl
    9.4. Unrealistic Usage
    9.5. Using a Firearm after a Pursuit
    9.6. Taking Unarmed Police and Ambulance Hostage
  1. [L/RTAA] Leaving/Resetting to Avoid Arrest
  • As a roleplay community to upkeep community engagement, we prohibit individuals from intentionally disconnecting or resetting from an ongoing roleplay scene i.e. leaving before being placed in cuffs.
  1. [SI] Scene Interference
  • As a roleplay community, we want to maintain a smooth roleplay experience for everyone, so it is prohibited to disturb any roleplays that you are not involved in i.e. interrupting a scene by shooting its’ participants.
  1. [CB] Cop Baiting
  • As an experience dedicated to engagement standards, we prohibit any act that antagonises a police officer outside a roleplay scenario i.e. using a weapon to draw attention and then running away.
  1. [MG] Metagaming
  • As a community, we prohibit any act of using information that your character would not see in a realistic environment i.e. viewing names above characters.
  1. [NLR] New Life Rule
  • As a realistic game environment, we prohibit individuals from returning to the scene or remembering information on their previous life i.e. returning to kill an officer that has shot you dead.
  1. [AG] Abusing Glitches
  • To maintain our game infrastructure, we strictly prohibit any means of exploitation or glitches to obtain an unfair advantage over other players. We recommend reporting any instances to one of our moderators in the game.


Our appeal system operates through the Discord platform in our communication servers. Due to platform regulations, we are unable to assist users who are under the age of 13. Instead, they may contact our game moderators through ROBLOX messages.

When an appeal request is made, users must submit full screenshots, videographic evidence, or justification of their actions to support the appeal. It is essential to have evidence to prove your statement, and we highly recommend installing recording or clipping software i.e. OBS Studio or Medal.


Our regulations were last updated 2024-03-23T00:00:00Z and are constantly changing, so it is your responsibility to be updated with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I join the police team?

  • In our experiences, we have decided it was appropriate to whitelist core teams to educate and maintain a realistic environment. You can apply through our Discord server in our ROBLOX Group.

2. How do I earn money?

  • You will be able to access numerous jobs in our games, where you can roleplay and earn a salary which is provided every 10 minutes. Additionally, you can commit crimes and rob the bank to earn a significant amount.

3. How do I report bugs, or suggest new content?

  • In our ROBLOX Group, you can join our Discord server and head over to the respective game category and provide your feedback in the channels.

4. How do I report a member breaking the rules?

  • You can contact a moderator by running the command !help <reason>, we highly recommend clipping or recording the action to support our investigation. You can additionally make a ticket on our Discord server.