Unable to add/remove games from group page

There is no current way to modify the visibility of games that show up on the groups page. It appears this works for individual users for both games and accessories.

This is what I see when trying to remove a game from my own profile, the “Remove From Profile” option.

I am logged in as the group owner for Robloxian Highschool and trying to remove the “6/26 Content Update” place.

The “Remove From Profile” option is not available like it is for an individual user game.
This prevents us from being able to correctly showcase which games we want users to be playing when they visit our group. Making these games both inactive and archiving them does not remove them.


Archiving a universe should definitely remove it from the games list on a group page :eyes:


I think I know what you’re saying.
When I make a game by myself public, it goes to my creations page.
When I attempt to make it private again, it takes some time (maybe a long time) to disappear from my creations tab.

I made a game public and then private a few hours ago, but it didn’t disappear from my creations tab. Now that I saw your post, I went there to check again and now it’s gone. Could take a long time to disappear.

On group, it might be the same thing.

I hope this was helpful, but it probably wasn’t.


We have no interest in archiving our games. Especially since one of them we actively use for development but should not be showing up on that page.


No that makes sense, i just know that archived games shouldn’t really show up anywhere. I’m looking into it further- this list should only show public games, and the endpoint is somehow returning games that aren’t public. Seems like an indexing thing, will update in a bit :pray:


Is this potentially also related to the swarm of reports regarding private games (not archived) showing up on the group games list? Listing feature would’ve been able to take care of that but if it was an issue of the endpoint returning private games as well, that patch may solve a bunch of these.



… yes those do seem like the same problem :eyes:
thanks for the link, more data is always helpful :cake:


Yes, I need this fixed as well. I have a group and 2 games are private but still show up on the group page.


Hi all, thanks for your patience. We’ve identified the problem (search indexing) and are working on a fix. Will update the thread when it’s out, but can’t currently offer a workaround or solid timeline.


No workaround needed, thank you for solving the problem. We appreciate the hard work :blue_heart:.


This should be fixed now - thank you all for your patience!


I cannot remove games from my profile. When I click “remove from profile” and refresh my profile page, nothing happens. The game’s still there.

Usually it takes a few minutes before it does anything. Try waiting like 10 minutes or something.

I checked my profile again this morning, and my 2 games that I ALLOWED to be on my profile are there, and nothing else. It must have been a temporary glitch.

Thank you for submitting this report. We are currently reviewing all bug reports to ensure we have not overlooked any ongoing issues. Since this issue was reported over two years ago, can you please confirm you are still experiencing the problem? If so, please respond to this thread, and we will investigate. If we do not receive any response within 30 days, we will consider this matter resolved. Thank you.