Unable to dismiss "Can we send you notifications on this computer?" prompt

For anyone still stuck on this, a probable solution would be:
Right click and click inspect or do ctrl+shift+i

(the inspect window could be on the side also which is fine also)

Next go over to the application tab,
Go down to storage on the left panel,
Finally click ‘clear site data’, and then log back into you account.


I’m having the same issue but in my case, I’m on my school computer where they both have disabled the inspection feature and blocked the notifications. If I click “notify me” and then the cross it disappears but then pops up at the next site or when I reload.

Hello! Sorry for the late reply but what I could think of was:

Click the lock or whatever icon is next to the URL. Then select ‘Site settings’.

In the page it takes you to, where it says Notifications, turn it to allow. And finally press ‘Clear data’ at the top right…

Hope it helps!

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Why is this STILL a problem? I shouldn’t have to google search to find the hidden close button. This is absolutely incompetent design. Please fix it already.

It’s been TWO YEARS and this thread continues to get replies every so often. Someone in ROBLOX needs to comment on this. It is terrible enough that this barely-functioning banner seems to have a completely invisible yet clickable close button, but pure negligence that this problem has persisted for so long.

For those still wondering in 2021 how to close it - Just click at random on the bar. I found the “invisible close button” directly to the right of the “Notify Me”, though someone else in this thread described it as being on the left. Not sure if accurate, but I guess keep trying until it disappears. Because that’s totally functional.


Ive also been experiencing this issue on chrome. I had to clear all my cookies and site data just to git rid of this annoying popup.


Click somewhere towards the right of the button. I’ve been using this workaround for ages.


This workaround worked for me. Thank you!
Also, I’m still experiencing this bug, so I’m bumping this thread.

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This is old but happens to me too. I found ways to make it stop:

  • Go to the Create Page and press X on the notification.
  • Allow notications and when its gone unallow them.