Unable to dismiss "Can we send you notifications on this computer?" prompt

The banner which prompts you for notification requests on the Roblox website no longer has a way to quickly dismiss it. This is a regression, as previously there was a small cross you could click to have the prompt disappear.

Dark theme:

Light theme:

Unfortunately I cannot provide a definitive list of steps to follow. I believe on a new sign-in (no existing cookies/browser cache) you will be prompted.

I was able to test this on Google Chrome Version 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit).

As a temporary workaround, I tried allowing notifications. This got rid of the banner, however when I went into site settings and blocked notifications again the banner re-appeared after refreshing the page.


I am experiencing this same issue. Google Chrome 77.0.3865.120 and began happening after I set my notifications for all sites to be blocked. Did not previously allow Roblox to send notifications either.

Edit: clicked around a bit on the banner and there does seem to be a hidden close button on the right hand side.


I have been experiencing this off and on for a number of months now. Is there no fix?



I turned off notifications for Roblox on chrome until this unexpectedly occurred. I basically receive a pop-up asking me if I want to enable notifications for the website. Problem is:

An obnoxiously white box appears every time I reaload. The worst part about this is that there isn’t a yes or a no option, meaning I have to press the unlabeled one. And when I do that:

I reload the page and it’s STILL there.


I’m on Chrome with extentions off and I still get this problem. My monitor: 1920 x 1080


Turn notefications off and see what happens. Thats the best I can say.


I don’t know why Roblox wants to send notifications, I find this as a unnecessary feature that is annoying. It sometimes keeps popping back up after I’ve allowed notifications.


It’s useful because you can get the notifications you want on your desktop and outside of the website. However, their implementation of it is horrible. Toggle doesn’t work in settings, it never prompts the browser for permission, the banner is just functionally useless, and isn’t even styled correctly with its unreadable text.


This is happening to me currently. I really regret toggling that switch to make this pop up. Can we be expecting a close button soon for this?


That happens to me sometimes when I friend request someone. In Dark Mode, it’s light and I can’t see the dismiss button. The banner does not want to go away when I tell it to. Maybe Roblox should just remove it.


This topic needs to be bumped.

I just started getting this problem today (it was not there before)… there is no way to dismiss the super annoying “Can we send you notifications on this computer?” banner.

I really don’t want to enable desktop notifications, but I have to so that the banner goes away. It would be fine if it only popped up once (with a close button), but it’s always there (the home page, games page, etc)


There is a way to close it. I used dev tools to find it. It’s in the left side of the button.it worked for me.


I know I am very very late to this topic but I have found a fix. I use an AdBlock plugin from the FireFox store (probably on chrome too). I don’t know if I can link it, but the website is called GetAdBlock. I then just added it to my AdBlock library by right clicking the banner, clicking Block Ad, and dragging the slider until it was gone. It worked for me and stopped appearing. Others say they have found a button with devtools, but I cannot find it.


I’ve also been having this issue multiple times. I had been trying to enable desktop notifications but I was unable to and the prompt would always refresh. I really wish roblox could fix this since it is rather annoying.

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Go here: https://www.roblox.com/my/account#!/notifications
And uncheck Desktop Push:

And see if this fixes your issue.

For some reason, I am experiencing the opposite, I don’t get prompted at all when trying to turn on notifications, and can’t get the prompt to remain, so, I do suspect there are some issues. Trying to toggle the option does literally nothing if I manually enable notifications.

(The CSS theming is also still broken)


I regret it too, man. This is awful :frowning:


I don’t know if this works for other people, but even though there isn’t a close button, at the very right if I left click your mouse the notification disappears for me and I don’t see it again until I clear my history.


I’ve logged in today on my PC and have the same issue. Gone into settings and desktop push is turned off. I don’t want to resort to adding the banner to a element blocking list.


it’s happening to me now…
i don’t understand why they have to be predatory and obnoxious about this.
why would one want to harassed by the game?

not working for me, are you on chrome?

If I remembered corretly I once went to the create page and pressed X on the bar.

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doesn’t appear for me on that page, actually.
think it only hides there.

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