Unable to Install Plugins from Website and can't be found on Toolbox

I’ve been checking Community Resources recently to get some brand new plugins for my game, but I’ve encountered the problem that I can’t install many plugins simply because they aren’t popular or it looks like that’s the case, any plugin that hasn’t that amount of downloads simply doesn’t appear in the Roblox Studio Toolbox Tab searching specifically the exact name, I even filtered it with the creator of the plugin and it just says that the toolbox can’t find anything yet.

And I can’t install from website neither because it launches Roblox Studio and literally does nothing but just launches Roblox Studio (Already tried 3 different internet browsers to see if that was the problem)

Any solution for this problem please? Thank you very much in advance if you have it

Please refer to this report:

The plugin toolbox is curated. Consider installing them to your filesystem directly for the time being - that is, save the plugin’s source as a local plugin.