Unable to join any roblox groups

This bug started to occur about 1-2 hours ago, and whenever you go to a group and click “Join Group” it shows up with a red pop up error saying “Unable to join group.” I tested joining a group on another account, and it let me join the group on that account, but yet it doesn’t let me join a group on my main account. Which is very annoying to me, as I can’t join the groups I’m required to join.


Try reloading the page and/or come back later.

Already tried all that, restarted my pc, logged out and back in, reloaded the page multiple times.

I can’t seem to redo this bug, I had it once today but it went away after clearing the data.

Clearing what data, your cookies? Could you clarify, please.

Clear the cookies, (Thats what I did)

I have had similar issues with this problem before. It was telling me that the group was unbable to load and would not load for a fairly long time.

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Tried it, it sadly didn’t solve my problem, thanks for trying.

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Does console show a full error?

I’ve switched to browser “Opera”, I’ll try again.

I wouldn’t recommend that you mark this as the solution; if it still doesn’t work with Google Chrome (unless it’s a random issue that only affected you because of an error on your side), it’s still an issue that the web team needs to look into. If a Bug Report is marked with a solution, it is assumed to be resolved and is completely looked over.


Happened to me the other week although I think it was a chrome extension that caused it.

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This issue keeps occurring for me, over and over. It stops a for a little bit, then a few hours or days later it happens once. Seems it wasn’t Google.

Thank you for the report, we’re currently tracking this issue!

It’s not just google, I tried it on multiple search engines and even on the ROBLOX ios app, but none of them worked.

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