Unable to join any Team Create place, getting a HTTP 409 (Conflict) error message

I am currently unable to join any Team Create place. Each time I attempt to do so, I get a HTTP 409 error code as shown below:


This started happening to me just now, I was able to join TC places just fine yesterday.


Try disabling team create on that place and then enabling it again.

Roblox is currently having site-wide issues right now so its most likely going to have connection issues for games and studio as well. I’d wait until they fix.

Did this get resolved for you ?

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Unfortunately I am still getting the HTTP 409 error still!

I made my friend disable and re-enable the Team Create place as @xuefei123 instructed but it did not seem to work. However the problem did get resolved somehow by having my friend rejoin the place.

Funny, I’m literately having this exact same issue. Unfortunately, I can’t disable TC as it isn’t my place and because of permission limitations, and the only other people in the TC are inactive. Anyone know how to help?

I am also having the same problem.

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Hello. I am pretty new to the developing crowd so sorry about any mistakes I may make. I work in a group called Turkish Airlines and we have a group of airports on the owner’s account. So we use Team Create and the ‘Shared with me’ feature.

The bug has been happening every time I try and open the game You will not be able to join as we have a staff lock system. I can join the game fine and used to be able to edit the game without problems. Only within the last month, I started having these problems.