Unable to open model in explorer

The gif shows the issue, to reproduce simply insert a SkateboardPlatform into a model, touch it in play solo and then try to open it:



I am having this exact same problem:
When I hide anything under a script and then hide the script under another tier, everything inside the previous content disappears.

I had heard this occurred before but I don’t think anyone had a repo, maybe this will finally help them solve it?

This is making studio unusable for me


Would be a real shame if they had a code freeze when something like this happens…

I get the same problem.

Win 8.1, system menu.

I’m not 100% sure if the code freeze applies to studio

Temporary fix: Cut + Paste.

Doing that has always fixed it for me. It’s pretty annoying though.


And here I was silently going crazy thinking this was only an issue on my end. Good to know other people are getting it.

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I do the same thing as Crazyman32. I have been getting this too.

I think this thread’s title need to be addressed as emergency fix.
This is pretty essential to the stuff we need to do as a dev.

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Experiencing this as well.

This just started happening for me too. Cutting and pasting does temporarily fix it though for me as well.

It’s happening to me as well. On a rather off-topic note, whenever I union objects one by one in a model, the selector breaks and I can’t select any parts. I hope these get fixed. :frowning:

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Ditto. Another fix that doesn’t need Copy Paste is right clicking and choosing Select All Children.


I’ve had this bug happen to me (with varying degrees of frequency) since CSG came out. I’m pretty sure I saw a bug report about it on the old forums but I guess nothing ever came of it.

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Is this bug still occurring?
How come the admins are looking at this site lesser now?

I think they’re on holiday. On topic, I’m also experiencing this bug.

They’re all gone for another week.

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