Unable to open specific place with "Error while decoding data: unexpected end at offset 3" error

I’m not able to open this place to edit it at all, and I’m presented with the following error:

This happens when trying to open through the web view, a downloaded copy and Studio view, leading me to believe this file I hadn’t touched in years got corrupted somehow. It hasn’t been edited since April 12th, 2012 at 06:13 PM EST.

Simply attempting to open this place at all gives me this error.

Log file is available here.

Device info:

Windows 10

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

Intel® Core™ i5-8600K CPU @ 3.60GHz



Hi PeteyK473,

Since this behavior is observed with a downloaded copy of the place, it would be helpful if you could please PM me a copy of the file so I can investigate this issue further.



Thanks for the report PeteyK473, we will take a look.


I’m having the same issue here now, seems like this is only happening to older games.

100% reproduceable when trying to open up this uncopylocked game from the website:

Others on Roblox’s unofficial subreddit are also having the same issue:

I’m having the same issue also, when I try to open this place: https://www.roblox.com/games/88115531/houses

For some reason I can’t open it in Studio, but when I play the game it loads fine.

p.s. how do i get log files?

I’m also having this issue. When I try to open every game that is edited for the last time in 2012, I get this error:

I only have this issue when trying to open games last edited in 2012, all other games have no problems for me.

I’m getting this error: ---------------------------
Roblox Studio

Could not open the place “5287344494” with exception: “Unable to open the place. Please restart your application and try again. If you continue to encounter this error, please contact customer service.”.


Since a roblox staff replied with:

I realized I had a downloaded copy and it decided to open the copy.

This error you are experiencing isn’t related to the problem in this thread. It belongs to this thread.

I am experiencing the same error you are, however this is not with a downloaded place. I believe this seems to be any place with a teamcreate enabled, as I have tested various with and without and I was able to join only those without it enabled. Although @gattka504 is correct.

Just an FYI:

We are aware of the particular error in the title occurring for games created and not touched since 2012 and earlier. Any other issues related to opening games that does not fit this criteria are not related and should be created as a separate bug report.


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