Unable to open Team Create place, stuck on "Loading Place"?

The whole day has been like this, I am entirely unable to reliably open any team create places that I have access to. I double-click to open it, and it seems to get stuck on the “loading place” modal, until eventually switching to the ominous “Loading game: attempt #1” message.


Has anybody else been experiencing this issue? This started just this morning, and never occured before. I haven’t made any drastic changes to the place that might slow it down or something.

I was able to open the place twice today after retrying maybe 20 times, where it loads within seconds, so it seems to be some seemingly random bug.

This is affecting my ability to publish important fixes for a game that we just released in beta.

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.


I have the same issue too, it makes you wait for a while.

Having the same issue since yesterday

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Hey, can you check if you are able to join empty games? Cuz I am having the same problem and I can’t join the empty games so it might be connected.

Seems like a regional issue, I’m experiencing the same problem. My other friends from Turkey has the same problem too.

I’m having the exact same issue across most games with 1 player servers or no active servers too. I’m in a similar region as well, this definitely seems like a regional thing.

@Uraeust I’m consistently able to join any place that I own within seconds. Unfortunately, even now, I can’t open my team create place whatsoever.

I’m hoping this gets resolved soon, maybe it’s just something slowing down in Roblox server-allocation in this region.

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Oh well I am from Turkey too ig it really is regional