Unable to see billboard guis from the servers point of view

For some reason I can’t see billboard guis on the server, but on the client (or when in edit mode) I can see them fine.

Client POV:

Server POV:

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UI does not serve any purpose to exist on the server, so why should it?


This might be related to a visual issue that saw a few complaints earlier; try selecting the BillboardGui on the server’s perspective and see if it renders then. That being said though, steven has a point. The server has no concept of a user interface so likewise it doesn’t need to and shouldn’t see any GUIs, other than for the sake of replication or syncing (unnecessary in your case).

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I forgot to mention that when I do select them, they do start rendering but only temporarily. As soon as I restart the simulation they require me to select them again for it to render (surface guis also don’t render unless I put my mouse over the part that its on, or when I select the surface gui instance its self)

I have my reasons to why I should be able to see it on the server, mainly cause I’m working on large scale things relating to billboard guis.

Yeah I don’t think that’s particularly normal. Consider filing a bug report or looking for information on similar problems and if there’s any information attached.

I see.

Where do I file bug reports?

You should read How to post a Bug Report and check out the bug reports category and going under studio bugs. (Well, being only a member I guess you can’t really post there so not sure what you can do)

However, there’s a chance this isn’t really a bug since there’s no reason to replicate the UIs on the server since UIs are client-sided and the server isn’t a client, so naturally they wouldn’t replicate to the server. It might just show up when you select it since you’re testing in studio, but it’s odd that it shows up at all.

This post is quite insightful about how GUIs work on the platform: Accessing GUIs from Server-side or Client-side?