Unable to select parts with textures

I am soon going to be building a fairly large map which uses textures on just about every part. The problem I am having is that you cannot select parts that have textures on them and personally speaking I’d rather not iterate over every part in the explorer to find out which is the one I am looking for. I was surprised to find no threads on this on here or any other websites so I wanted to know if there were any plugins or studio settings I could install or change to do this.

I’ve already tried several building plugins and normal standard-of-life plugins such as the Studio Tweaks plugin but to no avail they all failed. Since there are no other posts about this (that I could find) I assume I must’ve changed something a while back.

One thought that ocurred to me is to upload some textures as new materials into the game through MaterialService or something of the like (I only read about this one but never had practice with it) but despite the game not having many textures the 32 textures limit in the materials are pretty lacking and again on that note I would like to keep said materials normal as they will still be used.

This is not supposed to happen, i have some textured models in my game and i can select them just fine. Maybe you added the textured parts to a collision group and removed it’s collision to the default group?

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I did mess around with some collision groups after this reply as adfore mentioned Studio Tweaks was adding one to every object but I am ashamed to say that the parts were for some reason locked :sweat_smile:

I don’t know how it happened as I don’t remember turning it on but it would make sense as I was duplicating the first ever object and quickly scaling and repositioning it as just the basis for the map. Thank you for replying either way but this just turned out to be my stupidity.

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