Unable to undo package changes

I am currently unable to use the “Undo Changes to Package” context menu button, as Studio automatically detects new changes after reverting the package. I’ve managed to narrow it down to cases where, within the Package, one of the parts is a union which has been resized using the Properties window.

To replicate this:

  1. Create a package with multiple parts
  2. Add a Union to the package.
  3. Resize one of the sides of the union, using the properties window.
  4. Publish the package.
  5. Insert another copy of the package, using the toolbox.
  6. Move the aforementioned package until floating-point errors cause the yellow dot and the “Undo changes to Package” button to appear.
  7. Press the “Undo changes to Package” button.

Hi devSparkle, thanks for reporting! I’m looking into it.


I’m experiencing the same error, except it occurred after I separated a union in the package and added a new union.

Is it related to “undo”? (see topic title, did you get that to happen through undo or not at all?) If not, it belongs in its own bug report.

Yes, sorry for not being specific enough. It occurred after I:
Separated a union in a package
Created a new union
Published changes
Then, after selecting all other instances of the package and getting the latest version for each of them, an icon appears near each one saying that there are unpublished changes. When clicking undo on each one, the icons don’t go away.
If you’d like me to make a more official bug report, I’ll gladly do so.

It should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting!

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