Unable to unmark a Solution

You are unable to unmark a solution, or mark a new solution in your post. I tried to unmark today and it didn’t work. If this was intended, if someone could manually unmark the solution for me, that would be great. This may specifically be in the collaboration category.

Video of the bug:

Some categories have the solution plugin disabled, since it isn’t appropriate in those. This isn’t a bug, however the ux in this case can be improved. Only a higher-up would be able to do it, yes.


Not a bug. Categories like #collaboration:portfolios or PMs have gotten this plugin disabled to avoid abuse and bump up their own “Solution” count

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Hm, yeah, thanks for the info. I’ll wait for someone to unmark my solution for me. Browsing through the topics, I think @Hooksmith is able to unmark it for me but his messages aren’t on right now so I’ll wait.

I suggest you look at my request here: Disabling the Solution Option in Development Discussion

I read it, am I suppose to download the plugin to adjust the solution myself?

No, this is a universal plug-in on the forum, meaning Roblox themselves impose the rules on it and install the plugins they want.

If I got the person who commented on my post to remove their post, do you know if it will automatically remove the Solution? Or if you’re able to test it out for me.

I fixed this for you but I don’t have the bandwidth to provide this fix on a per-thread basis for all future readers. Feel free to refer to the previous topic about this issue for more info!