Unable to upload anything on my account

I can’t upload anything with this specific account. No games, no decals. Trying to upload an asset results with a 400 error. I don’t understand how or why, and I really don’t need this issue right now.


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Hi , This happened me before

What I did was :
Go into studio
Go to plugins tab
Go into “manage plugins” and click “find plugins”

from there you should be on the roblox library screen

Press "My creations"
Press “Decals”

And upload from there


Nope, getting the 400 in Studio too. I don’t think there’s anything on my end that’s causing this, if anyone else is currently experiencing this issue it’s probably a site-wide issue.


Tested it a bit more, I’m getting the error across different browsers and on both my desktop and my laptop. Is nobody else experiencing this?

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I had this problem but it went away after 2 or 3 weeks

Also did you try firefox?

Nope, just Safari and Chrome. And I just realized that I can’t upload anything. I really need a solution for this if Roblox can help me out, I’m in the middle of a big project. I’m gonna tag this as ROBLOXCRITICAL if it isn’t resolved soon.

Okay. I just tried uploading with my alternate account and it works. Why can’t I upload from this account? Am I currently not allowed to upload anything to the site or something?

It’s been resolved.


Why did you mark this as ROBLOXCRITICAL?

Because this sounds like the exact opposite of what constitutes a critical bug.


Just have this thread removed. I don’t know why this bug specifically happened to me, also specifically when I’m trying to work on a big project before I lose any data. I haven’t found any issues with my network, my computer, or my programs. Sorry if I’ve caused any trouble, I just seriously didn’t need that setback.

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