Unable to upload some images to Roblox without failing or mangled results


I see, but how come when I uploaded the same file again it suddenly decided to work?


Will uploaded Decals be fixed later or we’ll have to upload them again once the problem is solved?


I think these will need to be uploaded again. The files we’ve seen exhibiting this issue appear to be broken during upload.


Looking at the two underlying images you uploaded @RuizuKun_Dev, the correctly rendered one is 32bit color depth, the black-background one is 8bit. If you’re on a PC, you can see the bit depth of a PNG by opening the properties window for the file (right-click -> Properties) from explorer and going to the details tab.


I see, I must have mistaken it for the same file.

Please let us know when the issue is resolved.

I would wait until then before uploading any decal to Roblox.


ah thank you


Ah, nice to see this is being worked on. I had simple single colour red bat wings with a transparent background saving with a black background today.
Checked the image properties and it is 8 bit.
I’ll give it a few days for you guys to fix then check back here.


Jpg is unaffected and upload fine.

Here are some example images that got inverted/outlined/line-patterned when uploaded. I tried uploading newly created pngs, editing pngs, and old pngs downloaded from the internet a year ago.


Assets in screenshot:

Symptoms include:

  • Scanlines over image
  • Flipping of color between black/white
  • Cropping of images (half goes missing)
  • Transparent pixels become solid

Adding color helps. Must be an issue with roblox’s new compressor change



still broke