Unable to upload some images to Roblox without failing or mangled results


What format is the original file in? Could you upload it to a file sharing site and share a link to it so engineering has the original file? (uploading it into the thread here may have fixed the file and won’t have it reproduce anymore)


The file is png. I hope this works?
And, I also uploaded the image again. Uploading here did not fix it.


For everyone who posted in the thread so far, could you check if this is the issue on your images?

(cc @bigcrazycarboy @Kippiiq @gdunn2)


Yep, seems to be. 32 bit images do work just fine, and the 8 bit images are the ones with the issue.


Sorry for all of the issues around uploading images. We are actively looking into this.

Please continue to let us know if converting to 24-bit PNGs (from 8-bit) fixes the issue.

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This is a fix for all the images that I had issues with. Oddly, 8-bit image uploads were working fine about a week or so ago. So it must be a recent change on your end, which is causing these problems.

Keep in mind that using 24-bit images results in much larger file sizes, which is the main reason that I prefer using 8-bit images. This is very important when optimizing games for mobile devices. So I am hoping that the 8-bit image uploads will be fixed soon. Thanks!


I’m having a similiar problem.

Uploaded image:

Image that I get after uploading:

This is not the first time I am having this issue.


If you apply color with 1 opacity (completely transparent) it will work completely fine!




Yea mine was definately PNG-8 format when exporting from Adobe Illustrator, I assume that means 8 bit.


This is happening to me too. After resizing and reuploading, it still results to the same glitched texture. image


Experiencing the same problem, I’m trying to upload a simple box but I get a black image on the website.
I made it in pain.net and saved it as a 8-bit PNG

Original Image

Roblox Image

Tried to upload the same image with just some moved pixels etc and I still got the problem


Are 8-bit PNGs with transparency uploaded from before Jan 15 also having problems with black background when rendered in game?

(I know first report on this issue was Jan 17, just padding in case this took some time to surface)


I know I didn’t start encountering my issue until the 16th.


Image uploaded:

Rendered in game on GUI or as a decal both show it with a black background. I need this image to be transparent!


The 8-bit images that I have uploaded previously (before Jan 15) are working fine.


This applies to me also. I’ve been creating texture atlases with TexturePacker using RGBA4444 format, and before today my last decal uploaded was Jan 13 and it worked correctly. Anything that I try today is broken as in the images posted by others above, even if I try re-uploading images that worked previously.


I uploaded this file


but it became this


I saved the file as a PNG

link to decal https://www.roblox.com/library/2757273245/asdsgfgkmhlj-urtrwyte

How do I fix it?

Do I save it with a Bit-Depth of more than 8?

I’m pretty sure I did save it with a Bit-Depth of 32, but I compressed it with Tiny PNG


Did you read through the thread before responding? See the staff response:

So no, don’t convert it to 8, use something different from 8 bit depth.


I did read I wasn’t sure so I ask


As you can read on their front page: