Unable to upload some images to Roblox without failing or mangled results


I have recently gotten in the habit of compressing my images before I upload them to roblox. I have uploaded about 90+ compressed images fine with no problem. The last several images I have tried to upload have brought up this error

It doesn’t make sense because the images Im uploading are indeed images. I cant figure out what it causing this error and I tried to get 2 other people to try and upload the image and it doesnt work for them either.

This is one of the images in question

Feel free to download the image and upload it yourself if you need to (obviously don’t use it any games)

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I can confirm this. I’ve attempted to upload the image using Chrome and Internet Explorer, both giving the same error.


i tried to replicate the problem in google chrome. It did not give me a problem.


I too use google chrome. Can you possibly go to the image you downloaded and tell me the file size? I want to see if the file size changed. The original is 1.2MB


here is the file i made to test it


Im having trouble with my specific image, the one I posted in the original topic


oh. hmmmmm try uncompressing it.


I also use google chrome, and am unable to upload that specific image.oklol
As I am able to upload any other image, not compressing it seems like it might work. Using another web browser might work also, but I haven’t tested it.

edit: Does not work on edge either.


what is the file size?


Size reads 270 KB for me. It says the error isn’t size, so I wouldn’t think that that would be the problem.


hmmmm ill let the roblox engineers handle it. it might be there end but im not sure.


I dont want to uncompress the image (if thats even possible) because the I am trying to reduce the file size so it will load faster in game.


Your image is probably corrupted in some way. Also what do you mean your image is compressed? A PNG image file is an uncompressed image.

I would re-save the image as a JPEG and try uploading it again.


I uploaded this image and I don’t have any issues.assd


At least for me, saving the image as a jpeg didn’t appear to fix anything. It probably is corrupted, as you said.


I successfully uploaded the image to Roblox: https://www.roblox.com/library/2759204180/Thing

Since what you tried didn’t work, I copy and pasted the image into Paint.Net and re-saved it as a JPEG:

If you need the image to be compressed in some special way @Mistertitanic44, try copying and pasting the image you posted here into your photo editor and resaving it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response but copying and pasting and then saving it as something else didnt work. And saving it as a jpeg didnt work. Also some of my images have transparency so I want them to stay .png.

I just can’t understand why the image wont work after I have uploaded plenty of similar images using the same method.


Like I said, I successfully uploaded it already:

You can use that if you want. What program are you using?


Thanks but I have to upload probably 100 more of them and Im not able to. Asking someone else to upload them isnt practical.

I take the raw image, I put it into https://compresspng.com/, download the compressed version, and then upload it to Roblox.

I did find a workaround where I can shrink the size of the image by one pixel then I can upload it. But this isnt what I want to do. I shouldn’t have to do workarounds. I should be able to just upload it like I did with all the other ones. If it is corrupting image then its a different story.


That really sucks. I’m sorry you’re experiencing such an issue. I still think it is a problem on your end (or in this case that website’s end) and not Roblox’s though.

That being said, Roblox automatically “compresses” images for you now on low-end devices. I wouldn’t worry about it. Good luck!