Unanchored part that is sleeping can't wake up fast enough to react to a hit from a players tool

Wow! I didn’t think it was possible to keep a part awake using “Massless”. It definitely worked when it came to keeping the part awake forever. If anyone is having a sleeping issue with their game I definitely recommend trying this method out! Unfortunately, after testing it on the puck I can confirm that it did not solve the situation. This again confirms that it isn’t a sleeping issue with the puck. Thanks for showing me this method though.


I too am currently experiencing this issue, mine is slightly different however.

When the player swings the hockey stick the puck doesn’t move and the players stick cant go through the puck as well. (I saw that the stick was going through the puck for you). I’m not really sure why this is happening as it only happens to a select few of people for only about a minute, then throughout the rest of the game play it seems to not happen again.

Update on the situation…

As mentioned before this is no longer an awake parts issue. Don’t get me wrong, the new Roblox update will help tremendously…

Especially for users with slower computers and devices. This is a different bug that is causing the puck to go through the hockey stick right now though.

I did not find the source causing the bug. I did find a solution though…

Believe it or not, the solution to the problem is adding a “Legacy Body Mover” or “Body Mover” into the player. For some reason (don’t ask me how) it makes the puck rarely ever go through the hockey stick. If you use the “Body Movers” make sure you have your “Constraint” attached to the “Attachment” appropriately. See…


The “Body Movers” can be any part of the body and/or any piece of equipment welded to the player. It also can be inside a “Model”, “Part”, or pretty much anything attached to the character. It also can be any type of “Legacy Body Mover” or “Body Mover” type.

In my example, I put the “BodyForce” into the “HockeyPants” “Model” of the player. With this new Roblox update it almost never goes through at all anymore. The moment I remove the “BodyForce” the problems come back again.

Here is the evidence…

It would be nice to find the cause of the bug, so we can come up with better solutions for it in the future. For now, this will get the job done!


Glad you found a solution (if a strange one). Thanks for posting the link to the new physics changes. I hadn’t seen it. Will try my canon again without my waker script and see what happens. I feel like it should work now.

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