UncodePVP - Scripter Portfolio

Hello there, my name is Zorba and I’ve been on this platform for nine years and been coding for five years but I am just now seriously getting into commissions. I am capable of multiple skills which can include the following:

  • Scripting
  • Building
  • UI Design

Although this portfolio will only be based on my scripting as I am not confident enough in any of those other skills. I also own a small group called [Zorba Studios - Roblox]

Games I made/contributed to: (lmk if I've worked on your game and you want it listed)

Arcade Island X: Working Arcade 🌴 - Roblox
Skyblock [2.0] - (MAJOR UPDATE) - Roblox
Snowy Showdown: Battle Royale ⚔️ - Roblox

Pictures of Previous Work: (will be more to come when I have time)

Springhead (my unreleased game. probably won’t ever be)

Random Terrain Generation using Perlin Noise

Player Spectating (spectating myself…)

Second place winner of Holiday Developer Game Jam 2020:


I’m usually available most afternoons.

Timezone: EST

I am accepting any of the options below for payment.

  • Robux
  • USD through PayPal
  • Per asset

I am also looking for a long term project. (contact me if you are interested)

Before you contact me, you must agree to these terms

  • You must pay 30% tax if you are paying me with gamepasses.
  • I do not accept refunds.
  • I can cancel any order with reason.


Group: Zorba Studios - Roblox

would appreciate feedback on portfolio!


So, your showcase, is a gamy that is uncopylocked?

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