Unexpected Robux in group's "Sale of Goods"

In my groups “Sale of Goods” section there appears to be an extra 1400 Robux, this Robux has not appeared anywhere in the Transactions list within the last 2 weeks and this Robux has also never been in my Group Funds.

It appears this Robux is displaying in the same time frame from which my friend purchased a t-shirt for 1000 Robux (700 after tax), which pended and went into my group funds as expected. I am unsure what the remaining figure of 1400 Robux in Sale of Goods is as it was never in Pending Sales, Group Funds and I can’t find anything which relates to it in the Transactions list.

Screenshot from Week Summary

Screenshots from Day Summary and Line Items


I remember a year or so ago roblox accidentally gave people robux through pending sales. I am not sure if this is a similar bug, but if it is I wouldn’t touch the robux until you are able to contact roblox about it.

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The Robux never actually passed through into my group funds, it’s just in the Sale of Goods category on the Summary page and nowhere else.