Union invisible when pasted into a different place

My unions for a door has been acting very weird.

So basically i have the same door union in 2 different places (place 1 and place 2). In place 1, the union is fine, everything works. But in place 2, if i were to insert the unions in. It looks fine, but when i test/play, some of the unions are invisible. And if i were to close and reopen studio. the union has become permanently invisible in place 2. I can still collide with the union, But can’t see the union. I also can’t preform any editing actions on the union (like trying to negate, union and separate) And if i play online. it just goes invisible. Help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Here are example place files:
Union bug example (Place 1).rbxl
Union bug example (Place 2).rbxl

Place 1:

  • Union visible in Studio
  • Union visible when restarting Studio
  • Union visible ingame
  • Union visible when playing in studio

(Everything works as intended)

Place 2:
I have copy and pasted the Union from Place 1 into Place 2

  • Union visible when pasted into Studio
  • Union not visible when restarting Studio
  • Union not visible when playing in Studio
  • Union not visible ingame

(Everything has gone wrong)

Please note that place 1 is a few months older than place 2
Also both doors have a Humanoid inside the model for animating (doesn’t appear to make a difference to the bug if i remove the humanoid)


Saving the unions from your example files to XML and comparing them shows that the union asset is completely omitted from the saved file.

Replacing the contents of this field with the working AssetID and saving the XML file will completely fix the problem, but developers don’t have easy access to CSG assets uploaded for them.

Somehow presumably the AssetID isn’t being serialized with the instance, or if changes were made to the union it’s failing to upload the CSG asset and blanking/deleting the AssetID associated with the instance.

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So how would I fix this for one. And for two, how did you get access to these weird “SolidModel” types. I had no idea unions save in your inventory.

You can refer to this tutorial I wrote today about recovering from this issue. I discovered that SolidModels exist after looking into your case, and did some more research after that.
The SolidModel I link above refers to the body of your door union iirc.

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