Unions appearing invisible

Hello, I am having a problem where I restarted studio and all my unions are invisible.

I have tried restarting studio and restarted my pc and neither of those worked.
If anyone has a fix please tell me, I would really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Hello i have experienced this in the past and I sort of figured out a way to solve this. Try reversing the version of the game to when you just made the unions. Or instead delete the union and do CTRL+Z. If that doesnt work then idk. Check out other posts related to this.
Let me know if this helped you.


This is a very common problem. Please research before posting.

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Unions go corrupt, happens to me a lot ;-; and I don’t think there is a way to really fix it. I believe you just will have to redo the work.


This is the best solution I could find: