Unions disappearing

Hello, I am working on a group of mine, and I realized after publishing to test it out, that the unions have disappeared. Is there a fix to this because it would be so much more work to redo everything I made.

Edit: And I literally added the unions like 30 minutes ago…


did you try play testing in studio? it would be nice if you showed us some of the properties, scripts and the explorer tab with the unions

Yes, I don’t want to reveal too much of the store because I’m planning on having a big release day, but this is an example. image


The outside of the light was black, (unioned), but the inside it saved because it wasn’t.

This topic has been discussed many times on this forum. Please use the search function when trying to troubleshoot a common problem like this.

Your union got corrupted. You probably have to remake it.

Try disabling CSG V2. It’s my solution the the problem.

Where would that be located? (I have no idea)

make sure all the parts within the union has the same propertys of Anchored and CanCollide(idk tho Anchored may be the only one)
make all the parts anchored or unanchored before making them a union i just did this and it worked for me