Unions sometimes disappear when saving

Is anyone else having issues with unions lately? Sometimes when saving my game, random union(s) will just disappear. The instance will still be there, but if you try separating it, it deletes itself. The unions in question aren’t anything complex either.
I just now encountered a new issue where a union is visible in studio, but invisible in-game. Separating that specific union makes the individual parts disappear into oblivion. (gone, not transparent)

I’ve tried reinstalling studio and clearing the cache, as someone suggested. Neither seemed to work.

i recorded it here: https://youtu.be/cXvrnfjd0Wo


Maybe it’s your internet not loading the unions properly? Does the intire instance delete or does it just become invisible?

It deletes itself. No parts are left over afterwards.

I can’t seem to replicate this, I’ve put ~4000 unions and saved constantly and none seem to disappear.
Very strange.

I did some more experimenting with that brown union that disappeared at the end of the video linked above. If I duplicate or paste it in the same studio place, it will be visible (although broken in the same way), though if I paste it in a different studio place, it will be invisible.


Can you open the console log? Maybe it’ll show an error message, the instance still exist but it’s just invisible from the clip you just shown. Maybe it happens because you imported the union from another place and roblox couldn’t find the union data?

This has been addressed here.


You can try enabling ReloadAssets in Studio settings.
Press Alt+S to bring up settings, then click on Rendering. You should see a checkbox next to ReloadAssets. Hopefully this should resolve your problem.

Sometimes unions can become corrupted and no longer load, it’s very annoying and has happened to me a few times.

Fennecpaw made some posts on this which might have more information for you.

I stopped having this problem for a while but got a “CSG error code -25” a few hours ago (resulting in the union-part negation not being performed).
I saved the file and stopped working on it maybe 20 minutes after receiving the error (no freezing occurred when saving as described in my earlier post on this thread above)
I reopened the file now and saw that several unions are now invisible and portray the same characteristics as described previously.