Unions Failing to Load


Okay, so I’ve been working on a cat model for a game via unions/negates. Everything has been working fine, up until I saved, and left the game; ready to go to sleep.

After returning on the next morning, the unions have went invisible.

I’ve tried testing it in play mode, viewing developer console, and trying many solutions - such as deleting the ROBLOX cache, yet I’m having no success.

The only information I have obtained is;

-The unions are not invisible
-The collision works fine in play mode, yet you still cannot see the union

-I cannot separate the unions, as it does not allow me (it gives no popups or anything, I just click it, and it doesn’t do anything)
-When I try to negate, I get this error message:
-People in TC also cannot see the unions
-I have tried to tick on this:

This is what the head looked like before the incident:

Please help! I would love to finish this lovely cat model and put it into a game. ; (



Sounds like your model was corrupted unfortunately. You could try disabling CSGv2 and try to separate again.
Also consider posting your model here: CSG Failures

In general, it’s a good idea to avoid unioning everything together as you’re working, and even after you’re done. Work in pieces and save those pieces somewhere, because CSG can often go very wrong.

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Very true. I have had unions go invisible in the past and it can be annoying. I once made a door and the union went invisible and I had to rebuild the door. It was a hassle.


Thank you for the reply! Yeah, it’s pretty annoying how it did that. I’ll keep your advice in-mind, and try to recover a previous version maybe. :frowning:

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Try copy-pasting this union in a different place, uploading that place, and testing if it’s visible online.


Wow that is an impressive model of a Cat.

Good job!


This often happens to me, since I like to work with unions.

When it happens, all it really takes is me closing and re-opening studio. After that the problem is usually solved. You might want to try doing this.

Another thing I suggest doing is to try and possibly union a random brick with it. This could possibly have the union reload, and make it visible.

If that doesn’t work, I suggest doing what others said.

  • Trying to put it into a new game
  • Saving a local copy, and trying to see if it’s in that
  • Go back on an old save

The cat looks amazing by the way. I hope one of these solutions work in a PAWS-itive way.

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