Unique rpg/obby mix game looking for testers [WAVE 2]

Hey; I go by the name Yeti, and I’ve recently started working on a new unique game concept. As with all things, I’m trying to grow a community and need testing of the game.

about the game

Yeti’s Spires of Despair is a unique obby-rpg mix with a fun open world, interactive gameplay and intricate obbies to complete. See more about it here. . It has many complex features that need testing.

Here are some pictures!

ok that’s cool, but why should i be a tester?

You’ll get access to the following perks.

  • Early game access (obviously)
  • some super special stuff including but limited to: In-game “tester” tag, mentioned in the game as a tester, and possibly a special in-game item.
  • tester role in the discord
  • And finally, be part of a fun and growing community.

Alright you convinced me, where do I apply?

simply go to this discord server , navigate to #tester-opt-in, follow the format and you’re officially a tester! I hope to see you there.

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