Unit 1008 demo - A interactive psychological horror game

Hey everyone!

I have been working on a horror game that is based on Unit 731. Unit 1008 is a psychological horror game that allows the player to explore a place that has a lot of hidden secrets. The player is a brave journalist who went inside Unit 1008 (when it was abandoned) to explore and share the horrors inside of the place. The further the journalist explores, the more he starts to hallucinate and exhibit signs of extreme anxiety.

Currently unfinished, the players task is to find enough clues and evidence of the horrors that took place in Unit 1008. Then he needs to find his way back to the exit safely.

Evidence and clues positions will be randomly generated.

PS: the door is not accessible.

Here’s the demo place of the interactive system: Unit 1008 demo - Roblox

Inside the demo features:

  • Interactive Objects
  • Sound cues & other cues.
  • Sound design
  • Zooming, Self Dialogue, Inspecting, Reading (Notes)



What do you think about Unit 1008?
  • Sounds fun!
  • Ehh…
  • Nah.

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Do you like the interactive system?
  • Unique!
  • Looks nice.
  • Could be better…
  • Personally no.

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If any builders are out here I would love some feedback on how I can make the demo look better. Thanks for reading!


One improvement you could make to the interactive objects is to increase the size of the viewport because the object displayed being clipped at the edges is suboptimal.
Also I recommend sticking to one style in the game, for instance:

If you are going for a more realistic approach try using PBR materials and meshes (possible through surface appearances or custom material with material service)
There are tons of free pbr textures on google for example on freepbr.com
A lot of these models are grabbed from the toolbox (I think) so you could also just search up PBR in the toolbox to get what you want

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The viewport is automatically sized to one rotation so when you rotate it, it becomes clipped. I’ll try to fix that! Thanks.

More context: The sizing that my script does, doesn’t account to rotation, because rotating the object can make the object look more wider.

Yeah, I got lazy because this is just a demo. The next update, i’ll change some of the models to fit a realistic style

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Bro pls add console support it looks sickkk

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I’ll definitely add console and mobile support once I finish 25% of the map. I still need to polish the scripts and add more content.

I polished the storage room a lot more! Thanks for the feedback, if you have time can you give me feedback on the new storage room too? There’s always room for improvement.

I’m working on becoming a builder!

Tysm bro!

character limittttttttttt

I really like the concept for the game so far, it looks really polished and the base systems look well put together. Like mentioned above, I think the building style should be a little more consistent, especially with the plants being very low poly. Other than that, my only note is really just that hitting the “I” key for interact is kind of annoying having to move your hand across the keyboard, I personally think it should be something more convenient like Q or X. Overall I’m very excited to play the game as it updates!

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