Unity Builders Promotion and Role Information

This is an old guide. Please use the new one here.

This guide is for Unity Builders.

Member Ranks

  1. Pending - Our moderators are currently auditing you and we will rank you to Member when this audit is finished.

  2. Member - This role is the basic role for all members of Unity Builders.

  3. Veteran - This role is the same as Member, except it is granted as a honorary role.

Low Ranks

Low ranks are responsible for handling ordinary functions of Unity Builders.

  1. Secretary - This role is the beginning of your Unity Builders promotion hierarchy. It is achieved when you send a PM to a HR explaining that you want this role.
  2. Influencer - This is achieved if you provide specific evidence that recognizes you are a YouTuber.
  3. QA Team - These are handpicked by MRs and these review in-progress games to make sure everything is okay for release.
  4. Recognized Developer - This is achieved if you provide specific evidence that recognizes you are a developer.

Medium Ranks

Medium ranks are responsible for creating a seamless and secure experience and handling Human Resources, in addition to all Low Rank duties.
8. Technological Development Team - This is achieved when you are accepted to become a developer for Unity Builders’ games.
9. Business Department - Helps with Human Resources and games generally.
10. Security Team (labeled as Officer in the group) - A rank that allows security function usage and primarily creates a secure and seamless experience. This is a special MR rank which can only be accomplished by being a LR and PMing a HR about your wish. The HR will test you and if you pass the test you will get this rank.
11. IT Department - This rank allows security function usage but primarily is to help out the Technological Development Team and assist players in games with game functions.

High Ranks

High ranks (also referred to as Executives) are responsible for administrating executive group functions and overseeing lower rank duties, in addition to all Medium Rank and Security duties. All High Ranks are generally appointed by Senior High Ranks.
12. Chief Security Officer - Manages the Security Team. There is currently no one with this position, and as such higher ranks will perform this job’s duties.
13. Chief Business Officer - Manages the Business Department. KPS6 currently has this position.
14. Chief Information Officer - Manages Human Resources. snoopyone and Domenic3003 currently have this position, and as such have shared power.
15. Management - Generally manages the group, with the exception of a few functions.
16. Senior Management - Manages functions not covered by Management and oversees duties of the Management.
17. Board of Directors - Help direct the group and directly manages all ranks above this one.

Senior High Ranks

These ranks are generally not able to be accomplished by anyone. These are specifically for owners only.
18. Chief Operating Officer - Secondary owners of Unity Builders.
19. Chief Executive Officer - The primary owner of Unity Builders.

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