Unknown item moderation issue

Seems like there’s a problem with the moderation system. Apologies if this is a topic that doesn’t exactly match the category.

I’m a UGC creator. I recently uploaded a bundle and it was removed for “sexual content” reasons, and my account was banned for 3 days at the same time. I’ve been uploading over 30 dynamic heads for about 4 months without any issues, and it’s hard to understand why the dynamic heads I recently tried to upload were moderated and why the account was banned.

Removed dynamic head model

My other dynamic head models

My latest dynamic head, the bundle model that seems to be the cause of the ban, is exactly the same template as other my dynamic heads, there is no difference. The only different element, the face design, as you can see, does not include the sexual content element marked with moderation reasons.

If there is a real problem with the bundle model posted by the creator, it would be helpful if the compelling reasons were detailed.
If you look at the examples I’ve been through, I have no idea what the problem is even if I read what’s written in Terms of use and Marketplace Policy, because the design doesn’t include sexual elements. So I feel there’s a system error.

In addition, as a known problem, banning an account immediately because the bundled model has been moderated for any reason poses too much risk to creators. If this is not resolved, creators will not produce bundles at risk.

Please resolve this moderation issue that remove items and ban creators’ accounts for unknown reasons as soon as possible.

Appeal requested : Login



It could be due to the base character model having no texture/modesty layer (I’ve gotten warnings for uploading characters without modesty layers, without even uploading it to Roblox), but that doesn’t explain why it didn’t happen with the other dynamic heads you uploaded. If you haven’t already you should file a appeal with Roblox Support and link to here.


omg thank you for sharing the expected issue! :cry: yes I’m really confused because the previous dynamic heads were uploaded without any issues.

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Thanks for the report! We’ll investigate.

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Hi Lily,

Thanks for your patience! I followed up with our moderation team. Looks like this is actually a full body instead of just a dynamic head, and the bottom modesty layer isn’t a sufficiently different color.

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Oh thank you for checking the exact reason for moderation! I will try to fix and upload it again. (I desperately hope my account won’t be suspended even if there are other issues. :smiling_face_with_tear:)

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