Unlisting and closing of topic

It had nothing to do with development.

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But it doesn’t fit in platform features, also I wasn’t exactly requesting it. I was asking other’s opinion on it. If I was requesting it, I would have messaged the DevEngagementTeam.

Then if there’s no category for it maybe it’s just not appropriate for the devforums. This is the devforums. As Orlando said

Unless it is posted in #lounge then it should be about development.

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You cannot post such things on the Developer forum. I have been feedbacked for something like this.

The solution is to use unofficial developer discord if you dont have regular trust level.

It somewhat does. I had asked about group name change in development discussion before, and it got closed. Because technically it is a feature request. So is your topic you linked

:tada: Hey there!

Once a post is flagged it means that the post DID NOT meet the requirements and standards set for the specific guidelines and information of #development-discussion. I highly suggest doing the following:


I suggest reviewing the Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum.

Think about the main purpose of the chat and then see how your topic compares and contrasts.

However, we all are human and even AI doesn’t lead to perfection, this all might have been true and your topic might have been right. I suggest reaching out to ROBLOX if you feel that way but please note ROBLOX support is not always the best at times. Keep this all in mind and move forward for your next post in that topic!

:black_flag: Thanks and stay safe and innovative out there!


The post never got flagged, it was directly locked by a member of devengagement team.

You can’t see what others have flagged post.

:scissors: Ah, alrighty, well,

ROBLOX believes that if a opinion is taken against platform or is going against ROBLOX current things, it just doesn’t belong in that catagory. ROBLOX believes that opinions against their platform can be found and used in #platform-feedback so they can take it to consideration and more.

Personally, it might not be the right thing to do however it is what it is and we have to deal with it.

I hope you understand,


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What I was doing was asking an opinion from fellow members. I didn’t ask for, well, the implementation or suggestion to implement that.

I’m sorry, I’m using Google Translate :sad:

What I said is that you don’t know if someone else is flagging or not.

Actually, post didn’t get flagged.

Why can you say so? :thinking:
Is there evidence?

The staff member quite literally stated it does not fit that category what else is there to say?

Posts that are flagged have to go through flag approval before getting hidden.

Click the link and see at the bottom. Usually, if a post was flagged, feedback would’ve been given in PMs. But here they have given the reason for locking the post.

:beverage_box: We still have more options.

You can actually go into #platform-feedback and post this topic there. There, ROBLOX staff can get a chance to discuss this topic with you. However, this is solely up to you.

This catagory is just an extra for everything else and posts won’t get deleted as long as they are not directly violating ToS.

Did PM not send feedback?
I think the staff is obliged to send feedback on PM…

Roblox support has nothing to do with the Developer Forum, even though it’s an official website. Contacting DET is what he has to do, since it’s easier and he’ll surely get a response soon.

As you also said:

DD isn’t used to make random posts containing polls about things you know that will never happen. The catalog would be flooded with copies of shirts, the economy would be destroyed. Even though it isn’t a feature request, it’s still better to make one (this has already been requested, however I cannot find the topic at the moment).

Also, now that I’m typing, I have to tell you that posts usually get hidden if they get flagged. Your post must have been reported, this really isn’t something that you have to care about.

Feedback in PMs is still given. When a thread is locked, you’re sometimes given a reason about this action.