Unlisting Threads Bug

Oh yes, i’m back with another bug. Sweet!

Anyway, I found this bug that when a staff member locks and unlisted a post, it can still be seen.

Nono, not via activity, via the #development-discussion category. I ain’t so dumb alright?

The time was 6:30 CET, 26 November 2020, Thursday. Why tho?

The device is a regular smartphone, come on.

So, what do I do? Is it a bug on the DevForums or Discourse?
I dunno, you’d better reply here then, how will I know?

Link: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/game-types-on-roblox/888480

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But, erm how is this related? No one actually tried to bypass flags, it’s just that the unlisting feature didn’t work properly.

It says possibly why in the reply I quoted:

editing an unlisted post that was hidden from flags re-listed it.

But, no one edited it after what happened, so it can’t be bypassed by someone…
It didn’t even show the unlisted logo.

Are you sure the OP wasn’t hidden by flags, and eventually they edited it which would re-list it?

It was hidden by flags… I didn’t flag it though, someone else did.
And then, it well, got unlisted.

Okay, so if it was hidden by flags, the OP likely edited their post. Editing your post after it gets hidden for the first time by flags unhides it automatically and clears the flags. So likely that happened.

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I’m sure it can be seen only until you refresh the page. Try refreshing it.

I did, i even cleared cache. It’s still present.

You should report this bug on discoourse meta

Not sure if it is a Discourse bug, it could be a caching issue which is on Roblox’ end.

There can be no cache left on the server side.
The cache remains on the client only.

This is likely to be the case. Web servers also do have a cache.

There is no cache on the server because the server can easily access the data server.

Caching helps to save bandwidth so they do have a cache if the owner of the website enabled this.

Also, if you look at this, you can see lock icon. This means that the thread is unlisted.

The cache is not the cause as the unlisted information is being sent to the client.

The lock icon shows that the topic is locked. This doesn’t show the status if it’s listed or not.

As I told above, it’s not. It’s sending that it’s locked, not that it’s unlisted.

Also, theres unlisted icon too

Anyway, this is a discourse bug.

An unlisted topic appearing on the list - Forum Feedback - Roblox Developer Forum