An unlisted topic appearing on the list

Hi, I found a strange thing. So this topic has been locked and unlisted.

But it is still in the list of topics.

I’m pretty sure this is a bug.

Sometimes topics can get relisted again even without creating a new “LISTED X AGO” message or deleting the unlist message.


Try reloading.
If you did page back, hidden topics may remain.

That topic was closed 11 hrs back. Anyways I reloaded and still it is there. @dollychun

It may be a Discourse bug.
I recommend you to report bugs at

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Discourse may be serving you a cached result.

Many, many websites use caches to reduce the amount of strain on the server.

It shows the lock icon at the topic in the list. Pretty sure this isn’t a caching issue.
(It shows that it is locked, but it is still listed. The topic was locked and unlisted at the same time, so that’s why I think it isn’t a caching issue.)